Prokariotic editor not working


I downloaded Thrive today, and tried to play. I have read the wiki article about the cell editor (prokaryotic stage), and even though I haven’t found a screenshot, I am pretty sure something is wrong with my. No button works except the menu, the return back to game and if I click on a organelle, it just reads “selected”. All the other buttons are not working. The generation counter also seems to tick every time I open/close the editor. Also the background is yellow/black pixelated stripes making everything barely readable.

Here is the log copied from the window:

Appdata/roaming/Thrive launcher/logs folder is empty, not sure where else can I find all the log files.

I am running the version, on windows 10.

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After selecting an organelle you must place it in your cell. Check out this gameplay by @Untrustedlife

That’s a known bug that should be fixed now (and will be included in the next release):

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I mean i dont know if i showed off all the buttons in that, you can also rotate organelles, you can have different kinds of symmetry and you can undo and redo , delete organelles, and some other stuff.

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The editor is not finished completely, however, you should be able to place organelles and even, as I learned recently, delete them by right-clicking. Is that working? I guess the buttons you are talking about are ‘Appearance’ and ‘Behavior’ tabs in the upper left corner. These are yet to be implemented, however, the ‘Appearance’ tab is being worked on and according to GitHub might be in the next version, which would be Release 0.4.1 . There you will be able to modify your membrane and a lot of other cool stuff!
Also, most organelles might be locked because they are eukaryotic, thus you need a nucleus to get them (You can get the nucleus in the editor), a few of others are locked because they are yet to be implemented (from top of my head that should be Cilli, Pilus and Bioluminescent organelle). Once you click on any unlocked organelle icon, you will select it and you should be able to mount it onto your cell.
The generation counter is based on how much you reproduce as of now (anytime you exit the editor, your cell splits in two).
The black and yellow background is an infamous bug, but it seems to be fixed in the latest indev update (you can access indev versions by becoming a patreon), however, the successful removal of this bug has not been fully confirmed yet.

I hope I helped you and you will enjoy Thrive as much as you can!

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Apparently it was solved by restarting the game. I am also happy to hear that it will be fixed in the next patch.


I feel like it should be mentioned that the patreon is for Untrustedlife as a dev, not the Thrive project itself, and that you’re supporting all his projects, not just Thrive in particular.

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I think there’s been a change to that. I think it’s now only for his work on Thrive. I’m not 100% sure, though, so if I’m wrong @Untrustedlife please correct me.