Questions for 23/06/19 Livestream

We’ll be hosting another Thrive livestream on Sunday and, since it worked well last time, we’re encouraging you to post questions for us to answer in this thread.

Questions posted here will take priority over those posted in YouTube live chat, so if you have a burning need for us to answer something, please post here.

At least at first, we’ll stick to questions on the Microbe Stage since we have a better understanding of it. But we may move onto others if there’s time. So, what do you want to know?


Organelle upgrades??

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How complicated do you truly wish the microbe stage to be? Do you have a specific list of things you do not wish to be in it due to them being beyond the scope of this project? Microbial life is so diverse that representing all of it in this game would be impossible. Extremophiles, horizontal gene transfer, and grexes (also known as pseudoplasmodia) are examples of fascinating topics of microbiology which are presently not in the game. While I would love an engaging and complex microbial stage, I also don’t want the development of future stages to be hampered.

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What color is my underwear?

Multicellular stage Predictions for ETA / Space ships cause why not

10 months wow
this forum has informed me alot

when will the player actually see organelles in editor?

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How do you envision that later gameplay will look like
I mean like multicellular gameplay, animal gameplay etc?

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Underwater civilisations when?

Are there any non-LAWK features planned besides thermoplasts? It would be cool if, when you disable LAWK, a whole variety of weird exotic creatures and environments would be present. As opposed to just Earth II, thermosynthesizing boogaloo.

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What basic % would you say the microbe stage is through development? I’m always down for it to be a deeper experience, so I’m just curious how far you guys think it is.

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Will the games be optimized for weak PCs?
If yes, when?
If no, points a gun in your direction


Are there plans for there to be sexual “demonetized” reproduction in the Microbe Stage at all?
And if there will be how will it work for the player?
How different could a microbe be from you for you to still reproduce?

Is a combat overhaul planned for the next update? What would a combat overhaul do to the combat system?

Could we see the inclusion of subsurface biomes in the cell stage?
Like the soil of a forest, or sand in a desert.

  1. Since I think I’m abandoning my own version of Thrive (not enough experience in procedural generation; I also have an urge at making things too much realistic, rather make a simulator), will there be a 3D mode in bacteria and microbe stages ? I really wish to play the game in Full 3D. Besides, it would allow to generate a planet right at the beginning of the game.
  2. Also, in my own vision of Thrive, I thought of making a “database” of proteins (some upgrades would be proteins with different functions, there could be a base pack, a custom protein editor and an online database with lots of them [a bit like custom species in Spore, stored online]). Would there be such a thing in Thrive ?
  3. Will there a dev console in Thrive (like in Source engine) ? If it will, has it been made ? Is it in development ? Has its making begun ? Would you show it to us ?
  4. I know you answered the question, so I’ll formulate it differently this time. Is the save system nearly done yet ? What does it look like ?

Will players be able to exit ships at space stage!?

will 4.2 reach its deadline?

if not when do you think it will be finished?

Did the Lawman beating up the wrong guy ever know that he was on the best-selling show?