Podcast questions for the 0.4.1 release!

0.4.1 is being released on Saturday the 30th!!!

As part of this we are thinking of doing a podcast and we wanted to ask if anyone has any questions they would like us to answer. Feel free to ask questions in this thread and we might include them, it depends how the podcast goes so no guarantees that we’ll get round to answering.

The closer to the current game your question is the better our answer is likely to be. For example if you ask about plasma weapons in the space stage all we can say is “we’ll find out when we get there” but things about the microbe stage are more fleshed out.




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Where will this game be in a year?
Progression I mean

Maybe it would be useful to post this to the subreddit too? Since most people with questions usually ask them on the forum, I feel like the subreddit might have more questions.

EDIT: Nvm it’s now been posted there too.

Might the next release (whenever that is going to be) be… Let’s say… Combat update? With the long expected pilus and may-haps the toxin and all of the combat related stuff mentioned here (that means basically pilus, the toxin idea you liked, engulfing and general overworking of the combat a bit). Also, what would add tremendously to the gameplay would be the patches with different environmental stats that might even slightly vary even gameplay from gameplay. That would imho highly improve the variety and uniqueness of every playthrough.
Edit: There might be a poll or that 1v1 one thingy, where you always take two things and the one that gets more votes goes against another winner and we should use this to see what features are the most and the least craved.

  1. When do you suppose the ability to form colonies could be implemented? If you actually have an idea, would it be the new ‘You have thrived!’ goal?
  2. Behaviour and colour editors. When. :angry:
  3. What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow? I hear it’s 24 miles an hour, but I may need a second opinion.
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African or European?

When is the mac version going to come out?
Also how hard is it going to be to transition from 2D to 3D?

You already know the answer to that first question tho: Whenever a dev with a mac joins and puts in enough time.


When is a dev with a mac joining?


1.Non-carbon based life, specifically silicon-based life, any comment on it as a possible way to play?

2.Will seasons and weather patterns be present on the planet? (Once the player is at a scale to notice such things)

3.What would playing as a plant be like? Besides being limited to the lower ‘stages’ of evolution, what would a player see and do if playing a plant?

  1. When will the patch map and new UI be implemented?

  2. Will you add environmental changes to the game so you have to adapt to them or go extint?

  1. How many times have the devs thrived?
  2. How many times have the devs gone extinct?
  3. How far away would you estimate the multi-cellular stage update from coming out (no rush)?
  4. At any stage of the game is first-person(first-species?) perspective going to happen and if so will it be unchangeable or will you be able to switch to third-person?
    Love this community and everything the devs are doing to make this collaborative dream a reality.
    Hi everyone on stream!
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Hello, everyone!! I’m now famous.

  • When will disasters be implemented?
  • Reading the older threads of the development forums, I saw something about the Organism Editor, and it looked like hard to use (FOR ME!!), how would the tutorials works for the editors?
  • I think that the game feels like that microbes are on a flat glass thing, I want that the illumination changes on every biome (like abyss darker than ocean) and I want the game to have particles and bubbles on the foreground.
  • Will you the DNA (in the early bacteria gameplay) be the same thing as Mutation Points™?
  • Will the Thrive creatures in famous fan arts like Disturbance and Sea be in the game as a easter egg?

Greetings from Brazil


:thrive: :thrive: :thrive:

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More quezzies, thanks to actually playing 0.4.1.

  1. Toxin vacuoles are hilariously OP at the moment. Is it possible that they could become more balanced with the combat overhaul?
  2. It also seems that you can basically get way too powerful way too quick, which would ruin any plan of the microbe stage taking a decent amount of time to get through. Can this be fixed (out of a lack of better wording)?
  3. When will the tutorial be re-implemented? 0.4.2? 0.4.3? 10.9.67?

Question 1
What would be the planet and biome generation for the creation of planets?
would there be toxic planets? Rouge planets? etc.
could life begin in rouge planets or would be life be able to begin in Gas giats?

Question 2
How would a few actions effect your species?
for example if you hunt and kill a species of animals would they know that you were bad news and they would learn to run away from you? etc.

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How do you see the movement of your animals in the world?
porsenally i hope its some what like the Isle

in multi cellular stage, how will ATP work

we making progress boys