Questions for the 0.5.4 release livestream

We are going to have a customary launch livestream next Saturday.
You can see it on Youtube:

We are again trying this approach of having a thread to ask questions in advance. This time though we’ll probably mix in live chat questions along with the ones in this thread.


questionnary… Will thrive steam release ever change price?

With cell colonies now added, when can we expect the ability to specialize our cells into different types?

Also is modifiable terrain still planned? I remember a long time ago someone detailed building calcium carbonate structures.


Will it be possible to, when they’re released, start at later stages?

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I think that signaling agents -for giving commands to other cells of your species- are a cool feature that would expand signicantly gameplay possibilities. Are they going to be worked on for the next release (0.5.5), now that binding agents are already in?

  • How big and active is the team compared to the previous years?
  • How do you think that Thrive development will be in the near future?

With the addition of colonies, can we expect multicelular to start soon(and with that, the end of the microbe stage and release of 1.0)? Or we still have long ways until then?

could you say that 0.5.4 introduced primitive versions of multicellular, eventually becoming into real multicellular? Or is this something else like algae on the water. This may be a dumb question…

since introducing the binding agents is pretty much going to start up development of the multicellular stage how long do any of you guys think it will be until the creatures can become so large that individual cells become invisible and the game transitions to 3d?

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I’ve had this question for quite some time:
Would there be a started star/planet customize (more different compounds / light intensity / longevity or / exotic etc).
And is there an idea to use other types of energy sources for cell activity besides heat and the breakdown of sugars / iron / hydrogen sulfide (radiation is one thing).
And what will the game look like if you / we sessiles creatures? (A bit strange question, but it also suits to plants gameplay)
And is there a plan for alternative biochemistry life?

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Maybe not a good question, but feel free to look at it:
Will there be procedurally generated biomes for the microbe stage later on in development?

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How does the auto-evo system handle binding agents?

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Another question, do you have any immediate plans for 0.5.5?

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