Questions for the 0.6.2 release Thrivestream

Ask your questions to be answered during the stream here (maximum of 3 questions per person). We’ll answer the questions we have time for during the stream, if there are too many and we can’t answer all.

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Have there been any parts of developing the game that you have found fun, and if ao, what was your favorite?

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  1. How are you going to develop the progression of traits from animals in the multicellular stage and aware stage?

  2. Will we be able to switch to a single organism to experience our city in a 3D world?

  3. In later stages, to what extent will customization go when creating your own buildings, vehicles, weapons, etc?

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  1. What are your plans for the late multicellular+ stage prototypes? Will they be upgraded further or left in current state until they are the stages worked on?
  2. When do you think 0.6.x release era will end?
  3. What Microbe stage features you plan to change/remaster before 1.0.0 comes out?
  1. I wonder if the background of the patches will be change if the external environment (temperature, amount of nitrogen, pressure, etc.) is different?
  2. How do you think bioluminescence will be implemented, and why will it be needed for player or auto-evo?
  3. Will you thrive?

Will the gameworld being generated on an icosphere planet and camera movement for such world generation planned to have an implementation in one of the existing prototypes?
I am an applied mathematics student and would greatly hope to contribute to this project when I’ll have more time for it.


Will there be any additions to the upgrade system next update?

What are you/y’all most excited for in cell stage.

Favorite part about developing Thrive?


Has the suggestions site been a success in your view, and have any suggestions made you consider them where you wouldn’t have before?

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will there ever be more extreme planets? (silicone based, gas giants etc.)

do you like fish

can you evolve into fish in the game

do you have a pet fish

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  1. When do you think aware will be fully finished?

  2. How will the behaviour system work? Will it be like block coding? Will it be like how it is in microbe?

  3. Will there be a system for pheromones/other communication chemicals? Will it effect the behaviour system?

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What new features do you plan on adding in each update?

Are you thinking about adding a behavior cell piece of some sort? One that allows you to edit cell behavior in a more complex way. Maybe you can edit your cell behavior more complexly when you reach eukaryotic?

Can we get a vortex that sends you to another biome? Or have all the biomes connected somehow?


Do any of you have cats?

If so, can we have pictures?


Hi! I hope you’re all doing well! Here’s a few questions for the Thrivestream that I came up with!

  • Do you have any personal favourite features/changes in the 0.6.2 update?

  • In the next few releases, are you looking to focus more on the later-game prototypes, or expanding the Microbe Stage?

  • Are there any new mechanics/features you are looking forward to adding to Thrive in the future?

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I’ll remind everyone that the limit is 3 questions per person (VIP patrons can ask more). So if your post has more questions than that we’ll probably just answer the first 3 (and maybe it’ be a good idea to edit your post to just have 3 questions to know for sure what we’d pick to answer).

Are there plans to have (macro) species put into particular roles, so that auto-evo would determine fitness by how well it filled that role?

Will auto-evo allow plant species to evolve into animal species (and vice-versa)?
N.B. I’m not suggesting sentient plants.

How will transition between multicellular and macroscopic work with cells with spikes, will they become a skin type?

How will you make animation for body parts that interact with ground?

How big will be player after leaving 2d stage of the game?

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  1. What does it take to become a team member of a Revolutionary Games Studio development team? I’m asking for answers regarding each team individually (e.g. Theory Team, ect.).
  2. What is your personal opinion on lasagna?
  3. Whan are your favourite (non-alcoholic) drinks?

3 thrivestreams ago someone asked the behavior editor to be removed, and I very much agree with that. I recently made a post detailing the reasons why I think it should be removed and what might replace it if it is removed. What do you think about it?

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