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That would be harder to implement than to implement what the AI is doing right now but it would make the game much more fair

Actually, I did it myself before they re-did the engine. All it took was me commenting out a bit of code that actively prevents the player from having their population calculated.

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Its an current problem, so it will probably be fixed soon; its not a bad-developed feature, just a bug/problem.
Maybe it might be fixed even in 0.5.1, which i find plausible.
I dont remember but i think 0.5.0 (new engine) also has that problem

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I really do emphasize that it is actively programmed not to calculate player population. Like I said, all it took for me to fix it was to remove a single line of code that told the game not to calculate player population. I just want that to be a thing in unmodded Thrive, I guess.

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Hmmm awkward this is.
Also im not a programmer or something, i even dont contribute to the project but these is what i can tell you.
But anyway, there are two things you might not be seeing:

  1. It can make other unwanted problems in population and maybe even “hinder” other mechanisms of the game. Although idk how much you tested it.
  2. It can be already closed issue right now, just waiting 0.5.1 release.

“May The Eye choose your fate”
(and answer you)

I repeat, im no dev, but i guess calculating player population never was the point.
I know that maybe in this version 0.5.1, we’ll have player population growing exponentially, which probably ends the problem you are telling; since there was some game design discussion before, and think some activity about the equation in github (but im not sure).

hhyyrylainen’s answer to a Deus’s question about overpopulation:

( Feedback)

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The current “auto-evo” doesn’t apply to the player as it just makes random population changes, and it’s not very nice trying to play with random points added to your population. Imagine playing something like Pacman and your number of lives would go up and down randomly.
We might be close to having a bit better population algorithm than just totally random. But even once that is added there needs to be something to give the player information on how their species is going to perform so that they aren’t blindly trying to make their species favorable to the auto-evo algorithm.
Even after that I want to keep it so that both the swimming around and editing your species parts affect your population. I think something like 20% from swimming around and 80% from auto-evo would be a good starting point to start tweaking.


Thanks for the response. I’ll be waiting!

Will there be a radiation mechanic? I was reading something about Tchernobyle elephant’s foot, and how some mold there evolved to get their energy from the radiations it emit. Maybe that could open things for highly radioactive planets. Or even Godzilla.

I don’t think a creature like Godzilla can ever exist, but using radiation to mutate organs to your advantage could sound like it could be in the non LAWK section of the game.

There was a discussion about radiation in the dev forums.

Okay this might sound like a dumb question but how do you pronounce the name hhyyrylainen?

I pronounce it at the start of most of our livestreams, it’s too cringe for me to listen to them so you’ll have to look for that yourself.

From the thrive asmr video, I heard “High-reh-lay-nen”
If that’s the correct pronunciation, then my guess was pretty darn close

im pretty sure the discussion about the pronounciation of “hyyrylainen” happened before.

I think it actually did somewhere in the past

I just don’t remember it

I usually prounounce it like “huh-ree-lay-nen”.

I pronounce it like hi - wry - layn - en

All of my knowledge of finnish language studies and Google Translate say that is something like

  • H - huh,

  • Y - yuh, ee, ah-ee (i),

  • R - ruh, ur

  • Y - yuh, ee, ah-ee (i),

  • L - luh, ul

  • A - æ, , ah, , uh

  • I - ah-ee,

  • N - nuh

  • E - eh,

Ok thanks for the help

What does hhyyrylainen even mean? :thinking: