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I mean, we could have a set of generic premade species, that when put out for the player they could be randomised a bit. Therefore, its highly unlikely you’d encounter the same animal twice.


I wonder if No Man’s Sky follows this method of procedural generation - having a few defined bases, but nearly infinite ways to modify those bases.
How I want to see planets being generated is by having one creature base per planet, then making a couple morphological variants - like Earth’s chordates, all with a four-limbed structure.

I think what no mans sky did was have a whole bunch of premade body parts (like I mean thousands) and glue them together randomly to create new creatures. The colour scheme was also randomly generated too.

Will there be an male, and female editor for creature stage? (Sorry if this question is a little far ahead.)

Yes, there are gender differences planned.

Yes, a generalized caste editor is planned that allows you to make different castes in your species and one way to use it would be to make male/female. This has been discussed before. Here’s one thread:

how complex will sculpting be in the organism editor

When will we get access to the caste editor, in terms of stages?
When will we get the behavior editor?

I think it will be close to or during the multicellural stage but am no Dev so don’t quite me on this

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I think it will probably be available even in the cell stage. Right now the player species has default values for the AI that Untrustedlife wrote. So allowing the player to tweak those would be quite easy.

At the latest I’d say early multicellular as I think the same system will be used to specialize different types of your cells. Later on then once you switch over to placing tissues, the caste editor would also change from designing cell types to different kinds of members of your species.

Will there be color variety between your species?

Well I suppose all species look different, so yes, there will be color variety.

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Are you referring to different species looking different? Because he was talking about within the species, like how not all humans have the same colored skin. Of course I might have read that wrong and you are right.

Oh, oops. Well in any case, yes, there will be colour variety within species @Vegetalian


EEgaming mentioned the behavior editor but I dont understand what that would do. Does it only affect the npcs of your species or doe it give you abilities? because as the player you are controlling your organism so I dont see the point in it, please explain what it does.

I think its how the species acts, whether it’s fearful, aggressive, etc

Yes, but it defines NPC behavior.

Will we be able to create alleles? Like incomplete dominance, black fur yellow fur, dominant black eyes, recessive red eyes, etc?

but thats the thing its pointless because you as the player decide if you want to attack something or run, not an AI and if it is just for the NPC’s of your species then what do you gain from it?

If I recall, they want to make the population more dynamic so your NPC members affect it, so having a behavior match their biological design will aid in them being successful or dying off.


I literally just said. It’s the NPCs.