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Do you get to choose planet gravity at the start ?

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On the devlog it said that tommorow will have a thread of the week what time would that be

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Just imagine… . You cannot live on a planet like Jupiter. Not because it’s a gas planet, but because the gravity is so high that you can’t even jump or run.

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Can anybody tell me why I can’t save the game?

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Because it doesn’t work in this version ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Saving isn’t implemented in 0.4.0. We decided to cut the feature to be able to release a new version of thrive this year. Otherwise it might have been still more than a month away.


Looking at the log for my latest session, noticed this bit here:

[INFO] Species_9087 has been devestated by disease.
[INFO] Species_9087 population is now -737
[INFO] Species Species_9087 went extinct
[INFO] Species Species_9087 has been extinguished

What’s “disease” mean here?


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There are random bigger events affecting the population. They are just called “disease” events.

That’s not what I would have called them, but I didn’t write that code.


Will it ever be possible in the future of thrive to be an organisim that consumes the minerals inside of the planet’s soil along with large mineral deposits to thrive within the crust of whatever planet it may live within?

(I want to create a massive skyscraper length tunneling monstrosity that tears apart industrialized cities).

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So I may just be being stupid but I can’t seem to figure out how to load thrive I downloaded it but now I can’t open it. If you could link me to a post/video explaining it I would really appreciate it.


If you don’t know what to do, grab the installer for the launcher:

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your going to love this:


In thrive’s future what would your home planet’s core look like (probably depends on the planet’s composition) and will it be possible to somehow harvest it’s heat/fusion energy? (Possibly to fuel space travel).

Edit: would it even be in the game’s programming to view the core in the first place?

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Most likely not, but once you beat the game and obtain ascension powers, you can probably just take a planet, fill it with palm trees and take control of a species on there.

Then again, single-biome planets are one of those things that focus more on the fiction part than the science in “science-fiction”. The only planet we know of (Earth) is varied with nature, it would be pretty weird if other exoplanets literally have a single ecosystem covering the entirety of the planet, with no changes in humidity/temperature anywhere.

Then again, it might just be a case of “stereotyping”, where if there was a planet with more trees than Earth we’d immediately yell “FOREST PLANET”. or if there were one with a high humidity and an absence of higher areas, creating a lot of moist areas we’d yell "SWAMP PLANET’

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What’s an ice shelf? Like a planet that is entirely ice? Because oceans also have their own biomes, compare the bottom of the Mariana Trench to a coral reef and you’ll see some massive differences with entirely different ecosystems.

And ascension is the last stage, where the player obtains all kinds of “God tools” that allow them to do whatever they want, from changing the genetic makeup of a creature (opening them in the editor) to deleting an entire planet (selecting it and then “delete”).

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Hold on…

Since when did planets start making forum accounts? I want answers!

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i’m a moon! (also some people don’t like double posting).

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i don’t know, thay mite know, thay mite not. why do you won’t to know?

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on the forum we just say: :belgium:, or Belgium, instead of cussing . its a reference to The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. hope i was of help.