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Okay, one question that might be annoying, since I am sure you get it regularly from some source or another, but I am just too curious. After finally getting around to playing the current version of thrive, I was pleasantly surprised with how much it has grown and can actually be considered an entertaining game by now. So I was wondering: How many of the intended features of the microbe stage are already in place, and which vital elements are still missing, until we can be satisfied with the first iteration of the microbe stage and move on to work on the Multicellular stage? I am not asking for the time needed until we can tackle the next stage, since the porting to Godot and fluctuating numbers of active programmers make such predictions difficult, I am just curious about the amount of content that still needs to be implemented until we got ourselves a solid base for the game.

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The best I can currently say, is that it will be done when it is done. Most of the long term planned features are only planned on a very abstract level. TJWhale was really good at speccing out the next release, but now that he has left, the planning process seems to be a bit of a mess…

There’s some planned features listed here: https://forum.revolutionarygamesstudio.com/t/future-release-plans/129 but that list is currently outdated with some features that were already done, and the plans for 0.4.4 having been scrapped.

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Do you know how exactly TJWhale coordinated what was going in the next release, and is there a thing that’s holding the team back from replicating it? The community obviously can’t see any dev discord chatter, but from what was seeming on the development forum, it seemed he gathered what the rest of the people were saying on the discussion thread, compiled them into a list, perhaps added a bit onto it depending on how available people were, and then development commenced.
Of course, it obviously isn’t that easy to coordinate everything, and in no way am I meaning to say “it’s not that hard”. But what is the main obstacle behind trying to replicate that?

What the result was that we was able to really well put together a sensible set of features that will make the game more fun / better. I think he went about that by reflecting the current release and some of the feedback from players to come up with a good list of features with good effort to fun ratio (so features that greatly benefited the game but only needed a little bit of development time).

Turns out that replicating the result without him wasn’t very good. See how this release planning thread for the next release after he left went: https://forum.revolutionarygamesstudio.com/t/0-4-4-features-discussion-thread/649


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