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Where did you read that? Those are completely separate issues. I can kinda see how the cursor hover could be problematic for unbinding certain cells in your colony, but the distortion is only really bad at the edges of the screen, so unless you have a really big colony or are zoomed in too far, it’s not a problem.
And binding agents has no relation to 3D membranes.

Well it said that those issues, if solved, would improve the binding agents issue.

Closes #1712
Improved by #1394 #1748

This will be a large PR. If someone wants to help out, you can create a PR into the binding_agents branch in case of bigger changes.

Missing (updated whenever I notice something)

  • Binding mode soundeffect (currently copied engulfing mode soundeffect)
  • Better collision for microbes, so that they don’t hover next to the other cell.
  • dynamic max zoom
  • connecting membrane. Started when #1748 is done.
  • Implement changes done in #2174

As I said, I can definitely see why the barrel distortion issue would improve things, but I don’t see why the binding agents feature would specifically benefit from that. You’d have to ask the author of that PR to get an answer.

I’ve tested the branch yesterday and I noticed that bound cells weren’t always touching each other. Sometimes, they were “separated” by a gap. That’s why I thought a 3D membrane might improve things too.

By itself it won’t, unless it just so happens that the 3D membranes are slightly more tightly bound to the physics shape. Though, they definitely will be better for weird shaped cells.

Will the evolution from somewhat simple animal to going on land and gaining complexity look something like biblaridion’s alien biospheres series. Specifically how in the series one change leads to another so that it feels more like evolution where one part morphs into another rather than just dragging and dropping parts out of thin air.

yea thats kinda the idea

Won’t it be kinda annoying being stuck in the awakening stage praying to Spode for an alien to come and uplift you if you forget to be a land creature in time or will there be small evolutionary edits for early awakening or something to prevent this?

there is no specific time???
you can be in aware for as long as you like
same with other stages

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Assuming we don’t implement the AI being able to get ahead of you and cause an environmental disaster by industrialising in a single editor cycle. And we also might add star lifetimes in the future. So it might be the case that there is a hard time limit for completing the earlier stages before your planet is inhabitable.


If star lifetimes do get added there should be a toggle for them, I don’t want to get carried away in cell or multicellular stage and then my planet die in a tornado.

Why is every editor cicle 100 millions years? To put it in prospective, between the late cretaceus and modern day there are roughly 230 millions years (wich would mean that you can make GIANT changes in only 2 editor cicles)

I’m pretty sure it’ll be like in spore the higher the stage the lower time through editor cycles

because it takes longer for cells to evolve?

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Still remains that in aware stage it will become a problem

We are already aware of that, and from the beginning the idea has been that as you progress in the game, the amount of time a single editor session represents is going to decrease.


Will there some slightly more advanced Multicellular life (like 1 or 2 editor sessions ahead of the player) then you in the Early Multicellular stage?

I would assume that since it’s all one stage, then yes, there would be slightly more advanced organisms than you.

Hey, there are some good programmers on this forum, what do you guys do to enjoy programming? I'm not enjoying doing it at all. I started because I wanted to make an end product (And by end product I mean literally anything that works) but getting there isn't enjoyable and I would rather be doing something else that isn't a complete slog in my free time.

I can’t really advice on this as I find the actual process of coding to be interesting, though there are still some pretty tedious / annoying things. But overall I enjoy the process of writing good quality code that is well designed (or at least, code that is like that in my eyes, I accept that I still have room for improvement), not only the end product. Having the finished product is nice and all, but I’m pretty happy already having implemented some code component’s code in a satisfactory way for me.


How distant are the microbial patchs from each other?