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I was refering to a post or in the games files, thanks anyways

You’ll need something like FileBin to post them.

Hey, i don’t really know much about biology, so how are primordial cells aware of their surroundings? How do they know where to go, if there are predators, etc.?

They don’t (or maybe more accurately they mostly don’t, they sense the chemicals near them and react to them).

Because Thrive is not a blindness simulator the player is allowed to visually see what’s going on, and then because of that it wouldn’t be very fair to the NPCs if they were really limited in their detection range when the player isn’t, so that’s why they are given the locations of nearby things.


I’m thinking of applying to the dev team, but i have a set of questions:
I used to do 3D models for FNAF characters about 4 years ago, now i’m learning 3D again, proper 3D. So i have some uncouscious skill (like, i know how to do some stuff because of that past experience but i don’t really remember it, so when i model i remember of some stuff in the past, so i have some experience, right?). I also know image editing, video editing, and game design. So, i want to be an artist and game designer, but i haven’t put my game design on practice, only in in-depth reviews, which covers game design, but i haven’t actually made a game with my game design skills, only reviews. Is that acceptable? I also am still learning 3D, so i won’t be able to do much. I also do amateurish pixel arts, if that could even help in anything. Adobe ilustrator also seems easy to use, so i could maybe do some GUI concept stuff, but i don’t know much about that. If i join and do nothing (because i’m learning), will it be any problem? And if i’m not accepted, when i learn more, can i try again? There isn’t any shame in not getting applied, right? Or is it better to wait and get more skill in 3D? I could still help in the other stuff. And if i wait, my brain keeps saying “apply to the dev team, it’s gonna be so cool, you gonna get the badge and credits and all, see what happens” but i know i won’t help much, which makes a a bit confused.

We are looking for game designers who have actual experience implementing their ideas, for example mods or simple game jam games would be fine. This is because game design is quite iterative and we think concrete experience working in a team that tries to implement your ideas and changing your ideas on the fly, is really a core activity for a game designer.
So we want actual game design experience before accepting a new game designer, in order to avoid “ideas people” from joining the team.

I think pixel art doesn’t fit in with Thrive’s style, so we will probably have 0 pixel art in the game.

We try to only accept people who have shown they have the skills to do something useful in the team.

Yes. So far no one has sent in so many applications that the application reviewers have gotten tired of that person.

For the official credits on the wiki, those are usually only updated once you have made a concrete contribution.

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Is the Thrive soundtrack on Spotify?

It is, at least a part of it is:

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Question : Why are microbes addicted to iron? They chase it as if there is’nt anything in there life, this would be severely detrimental to your species that just chases iron forever… the ai needs improvement.

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You are right that the AI needs improvements. It was last worked on a couple of years ago. Though, for 0.5.4 there has already been some work on the AI so the AI should be at least a little better in the next release. I think especially the new check that microbes aren’t interested in chunks that contain no useful compounds for them will be helpful.

How to bind to another cell?

Check the help menu and the tooltip for the binding agents.

Is it possible to perform calculus in GDScript by using a module?

I can’t find any specific library that would have a bunch of general math stuff in it for use from GDScript.
I did find this page about doing 3D vector math with GDScript: Advanced vector math — Godot Engine (stable) documentation in English

Is it possible to create plugins to extend GDScript’s functionalities? If so, calculus could be implemented.

Update: Apparently, you can create your own library with GDScript.

I mean yeah. You can write GDScript libraries in GDScript. It would be a very limiting programming language if you couldn’t use it to make reusable libraries.

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You could use some external library, if you are willing to write a godot module: Binding to external libraries — Godot Engine (stable) documentation in English

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If we can translate human languages, then can we translate programming languages?

Yes, quite more easily than human languages in fact. You just need to map language constructs from one programming language to another to convert between them. Granted, that isn’t super fast to develop either, but manual conversion also isn’t that difficult.

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How will space stage/awakening work, can we actually land on planets and interact with the invironment like in creature stage? And will we be able to geneticly modify, and create life? Also, will we have the option to have a non RTS option for civ stage? So we can yknow, interact with the invironment like in creature stage.