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I’ve encountered sharp objects which look like large, double-ended pili, floating around. They cannot be ingested, and they cause injury. I thought this might be a bug, but I saw something mentioning ice fragments. Is that what those are?

Yes, these are ice shards.

Without a screenshot or knowing which patch you are in, ice shards is the most likely explanation.

Okay. Thanks for the replies.

I was also confused at first by the blobs of purple toxins. I kept trying to absorb them, thinking there was some kind of trade-off to the damage they cause, until I realised I wasn’t getting any resources from them. Are they intended to be remnants of dead cells, like the random nuclei, or just naturally-occurring toxic substances?

They are naturally occurring toxins. The next release has an improved mouse hover panel which shows more kinds of things when they are hovered over, including the environmental toxins.

That would be a big help. :ok_hand: I’m really looking forward to the next version, especially if the bug with random cell placement in multicell has been fixed. It makes it almost impossible to have a complex shape for my organisms that actually works.

It has not. You can check the status on that on Github whenever you want (or subscribe to the issue if you have a Github account to get emails whenever something happens on it):

It’s not a critical part of the prototype that would prevent playing the later prototypes, so I won’t be working on that until the game officially is at the multicellular stage. But as Thrive is an open source project anyone is free to come up with a fix for that problem and send it to us.

Ah, that’s a shame. Still, I’ve found ways to work around it, by leaving gaps in the structure, etc.

Edit: not sure if it’s a separate problem from the misremembering of the cell placement, but the layout of the cells as they grow isn’t right, as if the hex grid equivalent outside the editor is too small, the cells grow in slightly the wrong place, and then new cells have to be moved away from where they should be.

I am interested in getting involved with game development, though I don’t have very much experience. I’m getting back into Godot atm. Is thrive running on Godot 3.5 with C# ?

Different bug, ultimate root cause is unknown:

Yes. You can check our repo to see what programming languages are used: GitHub - Revolutionary-Games/Thrive: The main repository for the development of the evolution game Thrive. and the setup instructions always say which Godot version we are using:

Excellent. Thanks. I’ll have to start learning how to use GitHub, as well as C#.

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this is very true because

Is it normal for your species to suddenly go extinct while having a population of 1.2k (I did not die once)?
Now my population stays at 50 and doesn’t go up after evolving.

Yes, if auto-evo calculates that your species can’t compete with other species your population will collapse. As long as you as the player keep surviving your population stays at 50 thanks to getting to the editor giving you 50 bonus population for your individual performance.

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hh mind if i ask you some questions?

  1. what’s the most fun part of working on thrive
  2. what do you do the most of in coding
  3. what’s your favorite specevo project
  4. what does it feel like to be worshipped by the forum

Getting things done and enjoying people reacting to the PUs or after releases getting feedback about the new things.

Right now, quite a large part of just quickly throwing together basic structure for large overall architectures and filling in the basic bare minimum stuff. Also a bit of debugging but I guess right now not that much as most of the features are pretty quick to get right enough on a clean slate (though the inventory system needed a couple of rethoughts before I got even the most major bugs out of it).

I assume these are some people coming up with scifi worlds or something like that? I don’t read / follow any of those.

My favourite scifi universe in terms of world building and how well it fits together is The Culture book series. I haven’t read all of them as it has the problem where the books don’t actually focus on The Culture so I find them at parts a bit boring.

A bit weird, but I mostly just ignore it to not really feel anything.


wait there is going to be an inventory system? for what stage?

Awakening prototype has an inventory system.

your already working on that?

Hhyyrylainen has worked on it (as well as the other prototypes) I just made the icon Progress Update 03/11/2023 - Revolutionary Games Studio
You can see it on this weekly progress update

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Did you happen to change the “plan” in the development of the game? Before it seemed to me that you wanted to do one phase at a time, while now it seems that you are working on prototypes of more phases at once… What has changed?

I specify that I am just curious and, in fact, I really like this change.