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I’ve been tentatively dipping my toes into development this week, and I’ve got a couple pull requests open now. I wasn’t too surprised by the automated code checkers when making one, however, the source code’s bundled scripts to make one seem to use a Unix and Linux-exclusive CLI. As I am on Windows, I seem to have no choice but to stumble blindly in the dark when I make PRs. Am I overlooking something, or am I just doomed to this fate?

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The scripts should mostly work on Windows, though there’s a problem with anything that tries to recompile the game which fails due to a file lock on Windows. I think you probably hit this:

I don’t develop on Windows so I’ve been hoping someone else would take care of that as I’m very busy currently trying to refactor the entire microbe stage logic. I just commented on that that it should be pretty simple to do the fix, the time consuming part for me would be having to boot up Windows etc. to check that it actually works.

Without fixing that you should still be able to use the “files” and “rewrite” checks, so that’s at least something. You can specify a list of checks on the command line instead of leaving it out to run just some of the checks.

It seems that the storage display of the new organizational statistics panel with icons does not match the new specialized vacuoles.

I started trying to compile the game myself, but for some reason, doesn’t display buttons in its F5 runtime.

It exists but is not displayed

Very likely godot automatically broke the theme file, it likes to do that a lot the first time you open the project.

Steps to fix it are on our wiki: Cleaning Local Thrive Version - Thrive Developer Wiki For this situation the light cleanup is usually enough.

scene button
In fact, I have re cloned multiple times.

The scene in the editor is normal.

Re-cloning results in an entirely clean result, which Godot likes to break automatically. You need to fix an already opened in Godot folder and then re-open that same folder in GOdot editor.

I already noticed that, but I apparently didn’t open a tracking issue for it. So here’s a new issue:

It turns out that directly replacing the theme file seems more effective.

The current digest efficiency tooltip doesn’t seem very intuitive. Should we add some logos to indicate the presence of hidden content here?

Or can we use Accordion?

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What is the qualification for the Industrial stage, and also the qualifications for the Space, Civ, and Awakening stages? What separates them?

Looks like I just replied to you elsewhere with those… Transition Between Industrial and Space Stage (or even a new stage?) - #24 by hhyyrylainen

Anyway to put the answer here again, all of our official stage wiki pages list the transitions to and from for each stage, and these are specified exactly to remove all confusion regarding what is a different stage.

For example here’s the awakening stage transitions:

Maybe not the best example as that ends with the move to strategy mode so it’s more obvious change than many of the others.

Will viruses ever be added, or is that just a Thim’s Thrive Fork thing?
If they ARE added, HOW will they be added?

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Viruses would add an interesting hazard to not just the microbe stage, but all stages. In later civilization-oriented stages, it’s implementation should be fairly straightforward and simple as you can use medicine and cleanliness to combat it.

In the creature stages though? That’s the real puzzle. As an individual animal with little means, what can you as a player do about getting sick? This is what holds back much of the discussion around implementing viruses. For now, it hasn’t been sufficiently answered.

develop an immune system or die.

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Viruses and pathogens can be classified as infectious diseases.

Social stage:

Develop medicine, healthcare, and hygiene. Plague events.


Immune system, congenital immunity and acquired immunity. Disease based gameplay: During the duration of the disease, biological ability decreases, and the ability of the immune system can affect the intensity and duration of the disease. After passing, give your population some competitive advantage rewards. Additional evolutionary ability unlocking or MP reward compensation (placenta?).


Secreting antibiotics, expanding the function of the toxin system? Direct injury, targeting specific membranes, inhibiting a certain biochemical process?

Phages are quite troublesome. Will it become a refined receptor system, a refined gene system? Phages attack cells that hold a certain gene, bringing in new genes?

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How do you link images? I know you can just imbed them but I heard that there are better ways to do it.

I think you can just put a link to an image by itself on a single line. That automatically embeds the image on your post. If you want to be explicit you can use the markdown image syntax ![image description](link)

What does LAWK mean?

Life As We Know (It).


What are currently the build tools Thrive requires to be built?

Dotnet SDK (version 7 at minimum). And just for a few more days a C++ compiler and cmake. I’m currently working on a system to distribute precompiled native libraries so that people who don’t want to work on the C++ side can just download precompiled libraries.

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