Quick Question Thread

I’ve been tentatively dipping my toes into development this week, and I’ve got a couple pull requests open now. I wasn’t too surprised by the automated code checkers when making one, however, the source code’s bundled scripts to make one seem to use a Unix and Linux-exclusive CLI. As I am on Windows, I seem to have no choice but to stumble blindly in the dark when I make PRs. Am I overlooking something, or am I just doomed to this fate?

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The scripts should mostly work on Windows, though there’s a problem with anything that tries to recompile the game which fails due to a file lock on Windows. I think you probably hit this:

I don’t develop on Windows so I’ve been hoping someone else would take care of that as I’m very busy currently trying to refactor the entire microbe stage logic. I just commented on that that it should be pretty simple to do the fix, the time consuming part for me would be having to boot up Windows etc. to check that it actually works.

Without fixing that you should still be able to use the “files” and “rewrite” checks, so that’s at least something. You can specify a list of checks on the command line instead of leaving it out to run just some of the checks.