Quick Question Thread

Thank you, the native libraries was the reason I asked my question in the first place. :slight_smile:

Edit: Does GitHub milestone deadline date (currently 25th of November) the date new release or release candidate will be coming to life?

It’s hopefully the date of the next release. I was hoping to make a public test build this week but the game is absolutely not ready for that. Ultimately the release date for 0.6.4 may slip quite a bit unless all recently inactive programmers activate all at once and each is able to fix a couple of remaining issues.

Edit: my PR adding the precompiled native libraries was merged so getting the native libraries is now as simple as running one dotnet command to download it.

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Is the game crashing after leaving editor with slime jet on your cell currently after the refactor? I could check by myself, but I don’t really want to revert my changes I made to my local repo.

Edit: I didn’t know where else to put this question.

Probably, yeah. Oliver said the same thing.

If you haven’t committed you can stash your changes to test or if you have committed you can put that commit on a new branch and checkout master.


is there a tech support thread?

There isn’t because I won’t be providing tech support here as well. It’s enough for me to be the only one trying to offer basic tech support to people on our discord to make sure someone doesn’t leave a negative Steam review due to solvable technical problems.

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will there be parasite creatures that you could create around the aware stage?

Are achievements going to be obtainable in multiple saves so each save is going to have its own set of unlocked saves or achievements will be obtained once across saves? Or is that not planned?

Why not both? Thrivepedia can show a list of “current achievements” and a list of “achievements gained in any timelime”


There are plans of adding a railroad technology in Industrial Stage? like you could make trains and railroads to use.

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Im gonna guess so, although i dont know for sure! It would be really cool to be able to make different city designs, sort of like city skylines but less complex.


So funny thing, is I don’t think anyone in the development team has brought up transit lines at all, like, ever.

Being what they are though, having railroads, or roads, waterways, or any other form of organized travel and supplyline is pretty much a mandatory part of civilization. Without that, any local community would be forced to rely on it’s own population and local resources, and would be significantly stunted in development.

So yeah, while I cannot say we have made plans for it, we probably will have to plan for it eventually. Luckily for us it’s a long ways off so we don’t have to worry about it just yet. Personally, there’s still a lot of multicellular gameplay mechanics I need to start plotting out now that we can see multicellular over the hill. The later stages though? Well away from my line of sight.


Ok! Thank you for the anwser!

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What do team members think of forum games?

I remember hhyyrylainen saying many times that he sees FGs as a “post-farming method”, so not in a good light.

Edit: Now that makes me wonder, how far away are we from FGs being banned off the forum?


from what i see forum games are basically the backbones of forum activity
straight up just taking them off the the forums would harm activity and new user retention significantly
so I don’t think they’ll be going anytime soon


Came back here just to ask 1 question… is Thrive going to have Natural Disasters like: Meteor shower, Volcanic Eruptions, Earthquakes, Tsunami and Etc.

If yes… There are plans that them could happen in Microbe Stage and Multicelular Stage where you haven’t reached land yet… And will it affect your gameplay and affect the Microbe and Multicelular Stage environment?

The game will not feature random events which could just wipe out your species without warning. I think there are still plans to have a Great Oxygenation Event which will require adapting your species to survive a sudden abundance of oxygen in the water. I think all other types of natural disasters are planned to only occur in macroscopic.

I have a question: How do you use toxins with a pilus? Do you need to have a toxin-producing organ already? If so, what’s actually the advantage of using the pilus, rather than shooting out toxins?


You just select the injectisome upgrade. It doesn’t actually consume any toxin or anything like that, it just literally swaps the damage type to toxin and also deals the exact same damage on each hit (no matter how slight the physics touch was, the normal pilus deals damage proportional to how strong a collision it got).


Are pulling cilia meant to suck toxins towards them? I found in multicell that if I fired toxins while in engulf mode, my toxins curved towards my own cells, and got stuck.

FYI, I was doing both at the same time to maximise my chances of killing other cells.