Quick Question Thread

Thank you, the native libraries was the reason I asked my question in the first place. :slight_smile:

Edit: Does GitHub milestone deadline date (currently 25th of November) the date new release or release candidate will be coming to life?

It’s hopefully the date of the next release. I was hoping to make a public test build this week but the game is absolutely not ready for that. Ultimately the release date for 0.6.4 may slip quite a bit unless all recently inactive programmers activate all at once and each is able to fix a couple of remaining issues.

Edit: my PR adding the precompiled native libraries was merged so getting the native libraries is now as simple as running one dotnet command to download it.

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Is the game crashing after leaving editor with slime jet on your cell currently after the refactor? I could check by myself, but I don’t really want to revert my changes I made to my local repo.

Edit: I didn’t know where else to put this question.

Probably, yeah. Oliver said the same thing.

If you haven’t committed you can stash your changes to test or if you have committed you can put that commit on a new branch and checkout master.


is there a tech support thread?

There isn’t because I won’t be providing tech support here as well. It’s enough for me to be the only one trying to offer basic tech support to people on our discord to make sure someone doesn’t leave a negative Steam review due to solvable technical problems.

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will there be parasite creatures that you could create around the aware stage?