Quick Question Thread

Well, theoretically the pulling cilia work by creating water vortices, so from that physics standpoint it would make sense for it to also pull in toxins. Btw, does it look like the cilia can pull in cell corpse chunks (floating organelles) from dead microbes? I haven’t gotten anyone to test that thoroughly.

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Just tested this in multicell, and it pulls those organelles in like a beast.


…so there’s a chance that they’ll be gone if Thrive becomes popular and it’s community will not depend on them for activity?


1: what exactly would happen if i turned on cell growth in early multicell and made a hexagonal organism consisting of 7 cells?
2: is the edge of the cell membrane somewhere you can have an entity stuck to?

For first one, if you are wondering if it will cause much lag, then not likely (It didn’t lag much on my laptop from what I remember)

i’m more wondering if the cells start overlapping or doing other weird, physically impossible IRL stuff.

But this already happens? I moved this to the quick questions thread as this was not related to programming Thrive.

Nothing special happens if you place 7 cells in a hexagon in the body plan editor. The body plan editor pre-calculates the cell positions based on the full cell hex layouts ensuring they don’t overlap.

Membrane edges are not in any way special in the physics. The entire microbe is a single collision body. The membrane area is converted into a convex collision shape.

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How do I export the code documentation (ie. all /// comments) to DocBook? I have no experience with C# projects and it seems like the build system doesn’t provide any option to export the documentation.

There’s no simple way to export the documentation from the code. There’s nothing setup to do that. I just use my IDE to read the documentation on the code. So it’s not been a high priority.

If someone finds a tool to generate nice HTML from the code (probably doxygen? as we now also have C++ code so a tool that can handle both C# and C++ would be optimal, though not absolutely required if just having a C# tool would lead to much better results), I’d approve and merge that.

So I 've made a concept for underwater metalworking and I really like drawings I made, should I share the drawings or wait until I finish the thesis?

I would say that it’s fine to show the drawings either as long as you have a working thesis on underwater metalworking OR those are just some silly non-scientific arts.


I have the metalworking part largly finished but I am struggling with the electricity part, I’m thinking about them using magenets as a replacement but it’s up in the air. Thank you for responding ^.^

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Are there going to be randomly generated or player created npc plants and animals in the macroscopic stage?

In theory, it’ll all be generated automatically via auto-evolution.


… and that one player species alongside all the auto-evo ones.

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The player species at the start of macroscopic will be the last common ancestor of all macroscopic lifeforms. So, essentially a repeat of the start of microscopic.

Question: Would the game end if the player wipes out (or integrates) all other space-facing species? Would new, random species or factions pop up to keep the challenge going?

Sounds like an extra feature that someone would need to make… How many RTS games just make up new enemies if the player is too strong and took over everything already? I can’t recall that happening to me in any of the RTS games I’ve played.

That doesn’t mean it’s not an option. And having no more outside enemies to unite against could (depending on the species’ mentality) increase the chances of different groups within society emphasizing their differences and creating division.

Still, would the game just skip to the ending, or wait for the player to skip through enough turns.

I don’t think Thrive is going to use a turn based system. Ascension is the only official ending.

Still I usually say that basically all possible ideas get to be in Thrive, but in this case I do not see this being a feature unless someone volunteers to make the feature and send it in as a pull request.

I mean, RTS is in most (if not all) cases going to be more realistic than most, if not all turn-based systems.