Recreating history: history forum game

Here is a interesting history related forum game that I think was never done on this forum

This forum game is about recreating history through something called the domino effect (or something like that), this is the basic gist of how you will play the game:

Someone (aka me), will make a event set in a random date, a person would go a few years forward and make a event that is a direct or a indirect byproduct of the event above, then, another person go another few years forward and make a event that is a direct or indirect byproduct of the byproduct above, the cycle continue and continue and continue

Here is the starter event:

125,000 years ago: anatomically modern humans have discovered fire

You can only make two events, so any more than that is considered not canon, also, I can make other events every once in a while to make more byproducts and to make this recreated history more interesting

Hope you enjoy

(Also, this forum isn’t meant to be realistic history wise)

124,650 years ago: the first human to use fire to burn down a forest

what do you mean by 2 events?

123 years ago: the first permanent human setlment
122,598 years ago: the first simple huts

Evolution4Weak, what I meant by two events is two possible byproducts of a event

122,467 years ago, agriculture is established

122,460 years ago: First case of deliberate sabotage of crops

122,456 years ago: tribe begins to plunder others for food

122,450 YA: villages begin banding together to stop bands of pillagers
122,440 YA: warriors become respected members of their communities

122,376 years ago, first military society’s appear

122,350 years ago, ritual burial is developed in response to an increase in deaths

122,335 Years Ago, viking like religions form.

122,325 years ago :A class of priests is formed

122.310 years ago, The Priests rise High In Power
122,315 Years ago, some nations reject the priests

122,305 years ago: The Priests demands food from people to appease the gods
122,310 years ago:A second branch of the religion is formed,one which believes that no person is closer to the gods than others

122,280 YA: after a warrior tribe that supports the priests attacks a village that does not for totally non-religious reasons (one of the non-priest villagers had made a your mama joke toward the chieftain of the tribe’s daughter so when it came time to forcibly acquire more supplies he knew where he was going.) This is taken as an act of religious conquest by those not involved.

122,275 YA: the Priestlands and the opposing Alliance of Proximity are formed as loose alliances. Those not affiliated with either are forced to flee downriver to the sea. (I’m assuming this is the fertile crescent so the sea is the medeterainian, and I think it makes for some good worldbuilding to have an offshoot civilization nearby.)

Im pretty sure the climate was different back then and early modern humans haven’t come to europe yet so i guess we’re going to south africa

I suppose you’re right. Then maybe they fled from what is now the Sahara (used to be hospitable) and to the Nile?

122 ,750 years ago:The first early modern humans arrive in what we now know as egypt

hey, you know the dates would be going down? or was this a retroactive thing?

122,250 YA: the Egyptian humans form a diffuse agricultural society ,

122,002 YA: the Egyptians start selling copper to the priestlands and the alliance, in exchange they send incense (priestlands) and pottery wheels (alliance), a new invention. this signals the first metal tools.

we just passed from early agricolture to iron age in less than a year…