Remmortal chat ( Immortal Forum game) - official

What did you all roll for luck?

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@Centarian can you also reboot server

I have the exact opposite of you. I cant hit anything, im at half health, and im not a plant.

HP - 15/30

Status - injert, bleed (2 HP for turn)

Available actions - Act - 2| Vote -1

doom gave me a choice of abilities based on my old character
i got titanomorphing right off the bat :skull:
i am very confident that i could beat most of yall in a fight with my set of abilities holy tea


you probably can, i have a max HP of 15 right now

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I got Charisma as my ability, get dazzled

i picked a higher chance of not dying from fatal injuries and a higher regen rate


I haven’t picked mine yet cus they are all pretty mediocre tbh

I mean admittedly my race is going to get freaking overpowered real quick but I didn’t really get any good starter ability options, to the point that one of my options basically just reduces my stay point effectiveness by 50% and makes me loose all advantages of being incorporeal lol

(Not trying to say doom did a bad job or anything, loving how the game is set up from what little I’ve seen so far, this one section just seems a lil lacking for me in particular)

For great power, need great sacrifice

Well that’s what I was saying, I gain nothing from the Disinfected option which is the one I was referring to lol, just loose stuff

Again, rlly liking the game, just was mentioning got cus people were talking about abilities

soo u want a buff for that?

Let’s talk on our private chat for my character?

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Bro got the rizzing option

With great rizz, comes great rizzponsibilities

3 words: ultra vampire otter
…well, and hematophagy ability, too…
…as well as another classified thing i get from this

5 words
time stop and a gun
good luck beating that

slippery. good luck beating that. good luck getting past my over 30 defenses, too.

If time is stopped then how do you attack? Checkmate

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the nigel vs tea rivalry continues

silly otter, let me remind you of our score, 2-1
that 1 is gonna be the only thing you have

Time is my servant, all stops except for me, because all will kneel before the apostle of war…