Hey I think it might be a while before I can post my character sheet…

like 2 days at most

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I’m don’t have any sensory organs atm so that doesn’t rlly do anything

But curious as to why you are uninterested in joining the Violet Crusaders? Are you encouraging misery and suffering?

Just don’t like the corrupt or stagnant nature alliances take on these games.

I mean, the only alliance you’ve been in iirc was stagnant because you were never able to connect with us so…

We kinda sorta ‘won’ the game without you for the most part

In my experience alliances are actually extremely active. There was some issue with distance in the previous iteration of immortal but this should be helped by immediate FTL in Remmortal

wirithing are ait slow, but we do have a proggeres
my predicting - we will start in upcoming Friday!

if u still want to join, there still a chance to start with everyone.

I try as much as possible to work on everything and I’m sorry if things take time.

Sometimes life has other plans, so everything is a roller coaster at the moment, but right now things are going to be moving forward at a gallop and I’m trying to ride it.

If you have any questions, you are welcome to ask me at any given moment when I am available (Remmortal chat ( Immortal Forum game) - official)
We are getting closer and closer to the last bus before everything, prepare yourselves


Will this game actually last 100+ rounds?

I cant promest anything

Lets say…

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Species Sheet (I don't why humans are unavailable for this game but I guess I need to create my own species this time... )

Humen (Homo Sapiens)

Advantages / Disadvantages:

Advantages :

  • Adaptive (3): Adapt easily wherever they may go, giving fewer penalties for unsuitable environments

  • Creative (1): They have very vivid imagination which allows them to not only to lower their maintenance cost with some creative bodges, but also create solutions to problems that other species can’t.

  • Empathic (1): They are empathic (some may argue to a fault) to not only other creatures but other humans which give them bonuses in charisma.


  • Fragile (2): The skin and their supporting tissues are weak, with less strength and def.

  • Superstitious (2): They have the tendency to create stories and believe in myth which leads them to be more prone to fear and irrational thinking.

  • Obstinate (1): Core abilities are harder to change and get.


Basically the equivalent to humans in this universe, with some slight changes to escape from those pesky copyright lawyers (Original species, donut steel). The most major differences between them and vanilla humans is that Humens are more varied in appearance.


Terran [Ehrth]

My own very original creation that is not at all similar to earth or any other planet. (Very cool and epic)

The participant

  • Name: Socrhon Crest
  • Race: Humen
Stats name Value
Constitution 3
Dexterity 4
Endurance 3
Mystic 1
Precision 2
Recovery 3
Resolve 3
Robust 3
Speed 4
Strength 2
Wisdom 2

Basically a reincarnation/isekai/alternate version (choose your poison for this) of Chronos Crest, Virtually the same character but with some minor differences that I won’t say because I don’t know what they are yet lmao. But they are just a normal humen, living a normal life.


To be honset, human as i make them are unavilavle.
The human u have created are cannon

The reason its simple - no want lazy take some exsample from me


I just started working on yours
And I noticed that you used 4 points out of the 5 available to you in the advantages/disadvantages.

Do you want to add or change anything before I do the final edit there?

I think your glitch is glitching me.
I think I would be happy (perhaps privately) about him more… well

Nah, I’m good with what I got, it balances out better for my character. Plus I wouldn’t be able to think of another disadvantage.

perhaps you could just add another point to an existing one if lack of new ideas is the problem


like he say:

I can’t say that better then him

Lith Verhen

Name: Lith Verhen

Species: Homo Advo Sapience

Attribute What is
Constitution 5
Dexterity 0
Endurance 5
Mystic 5
Precision 0
Recovery 5
Resolve 0
Robust 0
Speed 0
Strength 0
Wisdom 10

Description - Orphaned at a young age due to a hero mishap, Lith Verhen was a sour apple in the face of society with a bone chilling rage towards both Heroes and Villains. Though as his rage boiled under the cover of his façade, he was plotting for “their” downfall. Seeking the singularity that is power he bravely dueled against the hero that killed his parents. The hero, not wanting to sully his reputation, ordered for Lith to “disappear” after being abandoned in the middle of a desolate planet of eternal ice and tundra, with only the shirt on his back he knew he was destined to die. Or was he? A spark of something ignited in his mind. A concept solidified in his very being. A secondary concept formed as well, different, perhaps hotter? Like a burning flame. Lith held out his hand and willed for something to happen, anything. He felt a power run through him. His hand glowed a deep red as a flame clung to his body. He would survive.

Explanation: Each power gained is separate from the main ability system, every power has a sub-core that runs on magic, Wisdom and Mystic both increase the power as a normal ability. But after complete mastery an ability will manifest another, it is unknown how many powers one can have, as it gets harder to gain another.

Example- Pyrokinesis, Red->Orange->Yellow->Green->Blue->Violet->White (Flame Color)

Homo Advo Sapiens//Awakened Human

Race name: Awakened Human (Homo Advo Sapience)

Advantages / Disadvantages:


Awakened(1): From ages 1-23, these bipeds have the small chance to awaken, society grades these skills from F to S, in increasing order. F,D,C,B,A,S. Each grade has 1 more power than the last.

Power Ascension(1): After Mastering a power, the concept will solidify, and ascend. This will awaken another power.

Growth (3): They are malleable, while an un-awakened may suffer from a stat growth drop off, via muscle fibers or old age, awakened do not. These superhumans are able to infinitely strengthen themselves, and thus stats can be gained without increasing demands.

{5 points in total, the more point, the stronger the effect}


Blind Rage: (2) When suffering a tragic event, they will go berserk and gain power, at the cost of control.

Cold: (3) They don’t handle emotions well

Description: Awakened offshoot of the species Homo Sapiens, people of this species have a small chance of awakening, allowing for superhuman feats to be performed, these are classified in grades from F to S. Some examples are Superhuman Agility, Rubber

Planet name: Terra

Planet Description: A blue star full of life types in different diverse regions. The temperature is fixed and not cold (relative to the universe). A very perfect place for life capable of breathing oxygen. Non awakened Homo Sapiens also live here.

This is sufficient


Only thing I can see is that this seems more like a neutral thing than a disadvantage - it has a benefit to it after all. I’d recommend either making Berserk also an advantage (while being sure to balance out the numbers), or just make it so berserk means this species looses control when angry, no power buff

I like to say lore-wise, humens are suspiciously similar to regular humans in history with all the same event that happened on earth also happened on Ehrth with the serial numbers filed off.

What does this mean… idk but it’s kind of funny lmao


Also my computer keeps on glitching out while I tried to make this post lol

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@doomlightning why is sol described as a blue star in the example?

ok this guy MAY have the problem I did last game except worse: he cant hit for nothin, and he cant avoid getting hit…unrelated to the previous statement: and also if he gets hit, he’ll fold like paper, and he cant run away either. Hope this guy gets 20 more stat points. then he’ll be a worthy opponent for me. Overall I like his idea though for his character. Definitely will be fun trying to surpass someone who has infinite potential.

becuse its was translate wrong

start and plant have the expact words, but i need to add one word (star “gone”) to make it a planet instead of a normal star.

u know - never trust a google translate to much