You already appeared in this universe tho

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No that was a different one, the one they destroyed, this one has yet to have an iteration.

hard to roll
rcveres have been prefirls
u will start at nothing and everything
but u dpo need to change the adv - des becyse that alreay exsist as difrent mechanic - Core

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@doomlightning I edited it.

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@doomlightning i slightly edited the lutra species

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I’m joining. My character sheet will be done soon.
Three times has it been attempted, three times has it been cheated from its destiny.
The fourth time is the charm.
The Shadowtide will emerge supreme.


I’m baaaaaaaack~

I’ll be joining this game too! Will make my character sheet later.

I feel targeted lol


I didn’t read that lol


That was already in the first immortal :flushed:



They don’t need to know about the like sixty races I made behind the scenes shhhh

Images are complete now

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Its looks very delicuse!

@TwilightWings21 is BAAAAAACK!!!


we have 10 player in total right now

2 places are left before the deadline

if anyone who want or wish to join, now and the next 2 days are the still open
and I think I will very soon start to work on everything and I will see u every soon

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Am I in one of those spots? (Double checking)

yes u are, just donr forget to submit ur sheet before hand

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Species name: Tabaxi
Feline agility (2) - Adds a cats dex and agility bonuses onto yours
Resilience (2) - Adapts quickly to situations

Fragile (2)
Wasteful (2)

Description: This race never existed in this world before now, what happened? Was some ones escape from the collapse delayed for millions of years? Or is he from somewhere else? Somewhere, unknown? Even to Entity X?
Planet of Origin name: (Randomize)
Planet Description: (Randomize)


Name: Danial
Species: Tabaxi

Attribute What is Stat
Constitution Health 6
Dexterity Dodge 3
Endurance Physical resist 2
Mystic Magic power 8
Precision Hit chance 4
Recovery Status resist 0
Resolve Cooldown 1
Robust Magic resist 0
Speed Turn placement 2
Strength Physical power 2
Wisdom Resource bar 2

Description - He, only a few moments before the start of the game, appeared, unconscious, a few feet above the ground, not even Entity X knows where he came from, though he does remember something similar happening before the collapse, could this be, wait, no his soul fragments are still scattered, and besides this one has a complete soul, then what…? Not even a second later, one of the soul fragments shot towards him, and collided with his soul, the interaction was, strange compared to the others, it seems to be, fighting for control? Or is it just, fighting for survival?

This good?


U fogot the point weight in ur adv/des

Ok I edited it.

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