I wonder what alliances will form this time.

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Shilavyn is still the best waifu


The planet of Xervengar is a land of extremes, containing the deepest caves and highest peaks in the known galaxy. In just a few miles on the surface you can go from desolate tundra to a land of lava, with a small strip of livable land in between. These small sections of livable land are booming with life, and are yet also strangely at peace, the ecosystem balanced. Though that isn’t to say that everything is harmless - far from it. Some of the most powerful and unique flora and fauna call this planet home, and among them are five sapient species, reborn from the shards of species long forgotten, on a planet cobbled together from the broken shards of Illyria


Race Name: Beastfolk


Form Shift (2): Typically appearing as a humanoid Terran animal (occasionally mythical creature), Beastfolk have the capabilities to shift into a more bestial form. This form is usually reserved only for private moments, around those whom they closely trust, or on occasion when they are in desperate need of a power boost, whether physical or magical, though only in the most dire of circumstances

Secondary Parts (3): When in beast form, the Beastfolk have secondary parts that identify their personality and their magic. For a Beastfolk, seeing another’s secondary parts is a sign that they trust you, for they reveal their strengths and weaknesses to you. An example of secondary parts is a fox with large butterfly wings. These secondary parts provide them with powers, regardless of form; the aforementioned fox, as an example, can likely fly and has nature or light magic of some kind. Each and every Beastfolk varies, and that includes their magic. Though they tend to have less blatant magic than Talons, tending towards control over raw power.


Emotional (2): They are more likely to make emotional, in the moment decisions, instead of sitting back and thinking things through logically.

Higher Metabolism (1): They need to eat a little more food than the average humanoid.

Temperate Dwellers (1): They struggle in harsher climates, and like to stick to temperate (or jungle) environments.

Curiosity (1): As the saying goes, curiosity killed the cat (beastfolk). They are interested in learning everything they can, which sometimes leads them into dangerous situations.

Description: Beastfolk take the form of humanoid Terran animals or mythical creatures. They also can have secondary forms which affect their personality and magic, and tend towards control over raw power. While they can learn magic, they also typically have some kind of innate magic that they come into as they age, and in their late teens come into this innate magic, as well as their secondary parts in beast form. Before this age, they can commonly be seen running around in beast form, but afterwards it is an honor to them to be shown another’s bestial form.

Their society is fairly advanced, though they tend towards a more bonded with nature over electronics focus in their technology, and as such don’t have sprawling cities but many wide-ranging villages built into the landscape.

This race was born from the shards of the Illyrian Dragons

Eldritch Dragonwyrms

Race Name: Eldritch Dragonwyrms


Eldritch Powers (2): This species corrupts the fabric of space time around them, seemingly teleporting or pulling items from thin air with their throat tentacles. This corruptive power manifests differently for each Eldritch Dragonwyrm.

Eternal (1): They never die to old age, and will continue to grow endlessly larger as they age.

Rocky Scales (1): They have physical resistance to all attacks, physical attacks against them or made by them actually damaging the opponent due to their tough scales

Eldritch Versatility (1): They have resistance to all magical attacks, and actually rebound attacks back at the caster


The Great Slumber (3): They spend most of their time asleep on the sea floor, a seeming part of the earth itself. They only awaken to defend their home from intruders, or occasionally for some other great purpose

A Void’s Hunger (2): They can endlessly eat, and are always hungry.

Description: Immense Draconic salamander like creatures with the ability to extend glowing eldritch tentacles from their throats, they are said to guard treasures of legendary proportion in their notoriously beautiful homes. Worshipped by some as gods, these beasts can only die to extremely powerful foes once they have reached maturity, the few that do manage to make it there always powerful beyond most mortals comprehension.

They have not drifted far from their roots, born from shards of the Salamonsters.


Race Name: Talons


Elemental Beings (3): Each Talon born represents an element, and is tied to their element. They only truly perish if their element forever ends, being reborn from their element with time. The original element was Ice, but has since branched into many variations, creating legends among the more common folk. These great birds are guardians of nature, and despise those who would tear up their very being.

Flight (1): They can fly.

Elemental Powers (1): Based on their element, these birds can have different powers, and can fade into their elements. Talons of Earth can turn you to stone with a glare and turn into a cloud of dust. Talons of Ice can shoot freezing feathers at you and transform into a blizzard. Talons of Fire can spew burning walls of flame from their beaks before hiding among the resulting ash.


Elemental Bond (3): While their elemental bond is a great source of power, it also comes with a weakness. They need to be near their element. If a Talon of Ice was in a desert, they might not even be able to fly due to being so out of their element.

Distrusting (2): Talons struggle to trust anyone, even other Talons, and prefer to isolate themselves out in the wilderness over interacting with others.

Description: The guardians of nature, various talons have inspired many a legend over the millennia. Phoenixes, Thunderbirds, Rocs, belgiumatrice. All were inspired by sightings of Talons.

Their social structure is fairly simple. The more magic you can control, the more powerful you are, the higher your rank. ArchTalons are the leaders of their elements, and every decade there is a council to discuss the various issues that have cropped up between the last meeting and that one.

They have deviated far from their precursors, having been born from shards of Woolly Titans.

Stalker Golems

Race Name: Stalker Golems


Ancient Machines (2): Lurking in the depths of the world, these creatures are the lost remnants of an ancient civilization. They are master mechanics, and have made marvels even the Ancients of the past could only dream of. And yet somehow their civilization was lost, their creators abandoning them. Few are left active, and yet those that are are tireless workers, never faltering in the face of danger. They are also resistant to most kinds of damage, and immune to psyonics.

(To clear up the above advantage, it primarily focuses on resistance to all damage, and particularly immunity to psionics)

Death Gorgers (2): They can grab creatures and rip out their souls, using them either for a burst of strength or to maintain their operation. They can also use these souls to power their runes, unique to each golem and having different effects depending on the individual.

Uncanny Movement (1): When in shadows, and having noticed a target, they can seem to teleport or disappear between flickering lights, before appearing suddenly. They also can seem to have 360 degree vision, and can contort their limbs in ways that seem unnatural, such as fully rotating their body without shifting their feet.


Soul Fueled (2): This species requires death to function, they need to consume souls. If they don’t for a long enough span of time, the shut down until something else dies near them. Sapient souls and the souls of powerful creatures fuel them longer than more mundane souls

Directive (2): When they first awaken from a slumber, they must find a directive for them to follow. The first thing they are told to do or dedicate themself to doing is their directive, whether they want to do that thing or not, and they are required to follow through with it.

Silent (1): They cannot speak, and they make no sound at all, despite their size, no matter what they do.

Description: These grim monoliths of blood and death are fueled by consuming life itself. Whether they want to or not, they must be near death to even survive. They were made as equally laborers and machines of war, and so are immensely skillful in both fields. They are also incredible adept at building machinery.

They have stocky builds and are covered in rune like patterns, unique to each golem and almost describing their personality. They are also able to customize themselves somewhat with modules they attach to their bodies.

They are regarded with horror by the few outcasts left, like wardens from Minecraft as they travel through their ancient cities.

They were born from the shards of the Darklurkers, creeping through a different kind of depths but depths all the same.


Race Name: Styx


The Power of Skulls (3): These shadowy beings are each born as extensions of shadow, whom wander endlessly until they come across a skull. They then bond with the skull, it becoming the base of their being as they gain powers depending on the skull they chose. They also gather bones of other creatures within their shadows, able to use them to create temporary minions or physical forms for themselves. They also are able to absorb other skulls from kills of living creatures and other Styx, gaining their own unique powers and keeping the souls of the deceased in a kind of mental library that they can communicate with at will. Being immortal, the older Styx can have quite the expansive library.

Fog of Death (1): Within this fog ability, different effects can happen based off of each Styx’s individual powers. However, this fog always lets them exert their will on the physical world, manipulating the laws of reality within it if they are powerful enough. This fog also drains the life of those who are living while inside. This fog also is what makes up a Styx’s body and makes them incorporeal except for the skull. Styx are also immune to death magic, already being undead.

Flight of Shadows (1): The Styx are able to fly on their shadows, becoming floating skulls surrounded by trails of shadow. They can also teleport through shadows.


Photophobic (2): These creatures abhor light, being weakened in it’s presence. If exposed directly to sunlight, they are turned into just a skull, and a pile of whatever bones they had collected over their immortal life. They then can stitch themselves back together once the sunlight is gone.

Shadowborn (1): New Styx can only be born from the death of a Styx, their library of souls having their memories wiped and turning into sifting shadows that are new Styx searching for a skull. The Styx itself is added to the killers library, able to be consulted even if the killer isn’t a Styx.

Fear Aura (1): These creatures are feared and discriminated against, even if they wish no harm. Those around them feel a chill of fear in their presence, even if the Styx is being super friendly

Empathy? (1): Styx have difficulty understanding feelings, whether they be their own or others, and can come across as heartless because of it.

Description: Said to have been born from the shadows before the stars began, the Styx are creatures that have always lurked on the edges of society, feared by those who even knew they were there. These creatures isolate themselves because they are creatures of darkness and they are feared, even though most are fairly normal people.

Typically, Styx tend to stick to a humanoid form, their skull visible from the sifting shadows that form a humanoid form covered in a cloak with glowing eyes, perhaps with a few spines or claws. However, they also have the ability to turn into just a skull and fly around, or craft a form made from their gathered bones and stitched together by flesh made from shadows.

Their societies are rare, as they typically prefer (or are forced by circumstance) to live alone, but can be surprising in their mundane-ness. There are a few areas where they are especially aristocratic, but for the most part they aren’t that different from most other races that populate the galaxy.

This race was born from the shards of the Bonecrow, excluding The Bone Reaper.

My Character
Ţ̵̤͓̹̗̺̙̼̭̦̳̰̼͂̅͌̈́̀̕͠͝Ḩ̵̰̠̝͙̥͖̱̓̔͌̓̓̄̋̏͛̐̾͘Ẽ̶͖̪̻̥̥̗̻̩̣͓̺̰̈̅̏̉̿̽̓́ ̵̨̛̳̯͇̜͕̭̖̀̌͂̈́̊̀̃̔̈́̍̒͒͜G̷̫͗̌͘̚͝L̸̨̨̛͎̩͎̝͓͎̲̜̻̻̹̭͑̉͐̈́̚Ǐ̶̺̳̺̗̇̎̀͌T̸̗̒͐̄͛̏̓̈́̀̋̄̃̆͘̚C̶̟͔͚̺̻͙͔̜̳̣͇̯̀̈́͜͠H̸̤͎̺̬͓̱̬̰̹̮̋͗̄͗͐͗͒͑́ͅ

Race (?) Name: Ţ̵̤͓̹̗̺̙̼̭̦̳̰̼͂̅͌̈́̀̕͠͝Ḩ̵̰̠̝͙̥͖̱̓̔͌̓̓̄̋̏͛̐̾͘Ẽ̶͖̪̻̥̥̗̻̩̣͓̺̰̈̅̏̉̿̽̓́ ̵̨̛̳̯͇̜͕̭̖̀̌͂̈́̊̀̃̔̈́̍̒͒͜G̷̫͗̌͘̚͝L̸̨̨̛͎̩͎̝͓͎̲̜̻̻̹̭͑̉͐̈́̚Ǐ̶̺̳̺̗̇̎̀͌T̸̗̒͐̄͛̏̓̈́̀̋̄̃̆͘̚C̶̟͔͚̺̻͙͔̜̳̣͇̯̀̈́͜͠H̸̤͎̺̬͓̱̬̰̹̮̋͗̄͗͐͗͒͑́ͅ (Base Form)


Absorber (1): Things consumed by Ţ̵̤͓̹̗̺̙̼̭̦̳̰̼͂̅͌̈́̀̕͠͝Ḩ̵̰̠̝͙̥͖̱̓̔͌̓̓̄̋̏͛̐̾͘Ẽ̶͖̪̻̥̥̗̻̩̣͓̺̰̈̅̏̉̿̽̓́ ̵̨̛̳̯͇̜͕̭̖̀̌͂̈́̊̀̃̔̈́̍̒͒͜G̷̫͗̌͘̚͝L̸̨̨̛͎̩͎̝͓͎̲̜̻̻̹̭͑̉͐̈́̚Ǐ̶̺̳̺̗̇̎̀͌T̸̗̒͐̄͛̏̓̈́̀̋̄̃̆͘̚C̶̟͔͚̺̻͙͔̜̳̣͇̯̀̈́͜͠H̸̤͎̺̬͓̱̬̰̹̮̋͗̄͗͐͗͒͑́ͅ add their advantages to Ţ̵̤͓̹̗̺̙̼̭̦̳̰̼͂̅͌̈́̀̕͠͝Ḩ̵̰̠̝͙̥͖̱̓̔͌̓̓̄̋̏͛̐̾͘Ẽ̶͖̪̻̥̥̗̻̩̣͓̺̰̈̅̏̉̿̽̓́ ̵̨̛̳̯͇̜͕̭̖̀̌͂̈́̊̀̃̔̈́̍̒͒͜G̷̫͗̌͘̚͝L̸̨̨̛͎̩͎̝͓͎̲̜̻̻̹̭͑̉͐̈́̚Ǐ̶̺̳̺̗̇̎̀͌T̸̗̒͐̄͛̏̓̈́̀̋̄̃̆͘̚C̶̟͔͚̺̻͙͔̜̳̣͇̯̀̈́͜͠H̸̤͎̺̬͓̱̬̰̹̮̋͗̄͗͐͗͒͑́ͅ’s advantages, and also their features create new advantages and powers for Ţ̵̤͓̹̗̺̙̼̭̦̳̰̼͂̅͌̈́̀̕͠͝Ḩ̵̰̠̝͙̥͖̱̓̔͌̓̓̄̋̏͛̐̾͘Ẽ̶͖̪̻̥̥̗̻̩̣͓̺̰̈̅̏̉̿̽̓́ ̵̨̛̳̯͇̜͕̭̖̀̌͂̈́̊̀̃̔̈́̍̒͒͜G̷̫͗̌͘̚͝L̸̨̨̛͎̩͎̝͓͎̲̜̻̻̹̭͑̉͐̈́̚Ǐ̶̺̳̺̗̇̎̀͌T̸̗̒͐̄͛̏̓̈́̀̋̄̃̆͘̚C̶̟͔͚̺̻͙͔̜̳̣͇̯̀̈́͜͠H̸̤͎̺̬͓̱̬̰̹̮̋͗̄͗͐͗͒͑́ͅ.

Incorporeal (1): Ţ̵̤͓̹̗̺̙̼̭̦̳̰̼͂̅͌̈́̀̕͠͝Ḩ̵̰̠̝͙̥͖̱̓̔͌̓̓̄̋̏͛̐̾͘Ẽ̶͖̪̻̥̥̗̻̩̣͓̺̰̈̅̏̉̿̽̓́ ̵̨̛̳̯͇̜͕̭̖̀̌͂̈́̊̀̃̔̈́̍̒͒͜G̷̫͗̌͘̚͝L̸̨̨̛͎̩͎̝͓͎̲̜̻̻̹̭͑̉͐̈́̚Ǐ̶̺̳̺̗̇̎̀͌T̸̗̒͐̄͛̏̓̈́̀̋̄̃̆͘̚C̶̟͔͚̺̻͙͔̜̳̣͇̯̀̈́͜͠H̸̤͎̺̬͓̱̬̰̹̮̋͗̄͗͐͗͒͑́ͅ is invisible and incorporeal, able to pass through any object


Incorporeal (1): Ţ̵̤͓̹̗̺̙̼̭̦̳̰̼͂̅͌̈́̀̕͠͝Ḩ̵̰̠̝͙̥͖̱̓̔͌̓̓̄̋̏͛̐̾͘Ẽ̶͖̪̻̥̥̗̻̩̣͓̺̰̈̅̏̉̿̽̓́ ̵̨̛̳̯͇̜͕̭̖̀̌͂̈́̊̀̃̔̈́̍̒͒͜G̷̫͗̌͘̚͝L̸̨̨̛͎̩͎̝͓͎̲̜̻̻̹̭͑̉͐̈́̚Ǐ̶̺̳̺̗̇̎̀͌T̸̗̒͐̄͛̏̓̈́̀̋̄̃̆͘̚C̶̟͔͚̺̻͙͔̜̳̣͇̯̀̈́͜͠H̸̤͎̺̬͓̱̬̰̹̮̋͗̄͗͐͗͒͑́ͅ cannot interact with anyone or anything without a physical form.

Absorber (1): The disadvantages of creatures absorbed by Ţ̵̤͓̹̗̺̙̼̭̦̳̰̼͂̅͌̈́̀̕͠͝Ḩ̵̰̠̝͙̥͖̱̓̔͌̓̓̄̋̏͛̐̾͘Ẽ̶͖̪̻̥̥̗̻̩̣͓̺̰̈̅̏̉̿̽̓́ ̵̨̛̳̯͇̜͕̭̖̀̌͂̈́̊̀̃̔̈́̍̒͒͜G̷̫͗̌͘̚͝L̸̨̨̛͎̩͎̝͓͎̲̜̻̻̹̭͑̉͐̈́̚Ǐ̶̺̳̺̗̇̎̀͌T̸̗̒͐̄͛̏̓̈́̀̋̄̃̆͘̚C̶̟͔͚̺̻͙͔̜̳̣͇̯̀̈́͜͠H̸̤͎̺̬͓̱̬̰̹̮̋͗̄͗͐͗͒͑́ͅ are added to Ţ̵̤͓̹̗̺̙̼̭̦̳̰̼͂̅͌̈́̀̕͠͝Ḩ̵̰̠̝͙̥͖̱̓̔͌̓̓̄̋̏͛̐̾͘Ẽ̶͖̪̻̥̥̗̻̩̣͓̺̰̈̅̏̉̿̽̓́ ̵̨̛̳̯͇̜͕̭̖̀̌͂̈́̊̀̃̔̈́̍̒͒͜G̷̫͗̌͘̚͝L̸̨̨̛͎̩͎̝͓͎̲̜̻̻̹̭͑̉͐̈́̚Ǐ̶̺̳̺̗̇̎̀͌T̸̗̒͐̄͛̏̓̈́̀̋̄̃̆͘̚C̶̟͔͚̺̻͙͔̜̳̣͇̯̀̈́͜͠H̸̤͎̺̬͓̱̬̰̹̮̋͗̄͗͐͗͒͑́ͅ’s disadvantages, and materials or features absorbed by Ţ̵̤͓̹̗̺̙̼̭̦̳̰̼͂̅͌̈́̀̕͠͝Ḩ̵̰̠̝͙̥͖̱̓̔͌̓̓̄̋̏͛̐̾͘Ẽ̶͖̪̻̥̥̗̻̩̣͓̺̰̈̅̏̉̿̽̓́ ̵̨̛̳̯͇̜͕̭̖̀̌͂̈́̊̀̃̔̈́̍̒͒͜G̷̫͗̌͘̚͝L̸̨̨̛͎̩͎̝͓͎̲̜̻̻̹̭͑̉͐̈́̚Ǐ̶̺̳̺̗̇̎̀͌T̸̗̒͐̄͛̏̓̈́̀̋̄̃̆͘̚C̶̟͔͚̺̻͙͔̜̳̣͇̯̀̈́͜͠H̸̤͎̺̬͓̱̬̰̹̮̋͗̄͗͐͗͒͑́ͅ also can create new disadvantages.

Name: Ţ̵̤͓̹̗̺̙̼̭̦̳̰̼͂̅͌̈́̀̕͠͝Ḩ̵̰̠̝͙̥͖̱̓̔͌̓̓̄̋̏͛̐̾͘Ẽ̶͖̪̻̥̥̗̻̩̣͓̺̰̈̅̏̉̿̽̓́ ̵̨̛̳̯͇̜͕̭̖̀̌͂̈́̊̀̃̔̈́̍̒͒͜G̷̫͗̌͘̚͝L̸̨̨̛͎̩͎̝͓͎̲̜̻̻̹̭͑̉͐̈́̚Ǐ̶̺̳̺̗̇̎̀͌T̸̗̒͐̄͛̏̓̈́̀̋̄̃̆͘̚C̶̟͔͚̺̻͙͔̜̳̣͇̯̀̈́͜͠H̸̤͎̺̬͓̱̬̰̹̮̋͗̄͗͐͗͒͑́ͅ

Race: Ţ̵̤͓̹̗̺̙̼̭̦̳̰̼͂̅͌̈́̀̕͠͝Ḩ̵̰̠̝͙̥͖̱̓̔͌̓̓̄̋̏͛̐̾͘Ẽ̶͖̪̻̥̥̗̻̩̣͓̺̰̈̅̏̉̿̽̓́ ̵̨̛̳̯͇̜͕̭̖̀̌͂̈́̊̀̃̔̈́̍̒͒͜G̷̫͗̌͘̚͝L̸̨̨̛͎̩͎̝͓͎̲̜̻̻̹̭͑̉͐̈́̚Ǐ̶̺̳̺̗̇̎̀͌T̸̗̒͐̄͛̏̓̈́̀̋̄̃̆͘̚C̶̟͔͚̺̻͙͔̜̳̣͇̯̀̈́͜͠H̸̤͎̺̬͓̱̬̰̹̮̋͗̄͗͐͗͒͑́ͅ

Constitution: Ḙ̷̼̥̟̼̤͊̈̈͛͌̅͑̈́̆́̋͜͜͠R̵̤̤̮̻̭͉̉̂͗́̇͑̊͘͝͝R̶̢̨̤͔͙͖̼̭̲̹̮̀̀̈́̐̈́̾̆̄͊̐̚͠O̵̢̧̡̱̘̤̺̖̰͚̮̣͑̀Ṛ̵̯̫͚̥̬͌̆̈́̈́̑̏̆̚̚ [Set to 0.1]
Dexterity : Ḙ̷̼̥̟̼̤͊̈̈͛͌̅͑̈́̆́̋͜͜͠R̵̤̤̮̻̭͉̉̂͗́̇͑̊͘͝͝R̶̢̨̤͔͙͖̼̭̲̹̮̀̀̈́̐̈́̾̆̄͊̐̚͠O̵̢̧̡̱̘̤̺̖̰͚̮̣͑̀Ṛ̵̯̫͚̥̬͌̆̈́̈́̑̏̆̚̚ [Set to 0.1]
Endurance: Ḙ̷̼̥̟̼̤͊̈̈͛͌̅͑̈́̆́̋͜͜͠R̵̤̤̮̻̭͉̉̂͗́̇͑̊͘͝͝R̶̢̨̤͔͙͖̼̭̲̹̮̀̀̈́̐̈́̾̆̄͊̐̚͠O̵̢̧̡̱̘̤̺̖̰͚̮̣͑̀Ṛ̵̯̫͚̥̬͌̆̈́̈́̑̏̆̚̚ [Set to 0.1]
Mystic: Ḙ̷̼̥̟̼̤͊̈̈͛͌̅͑̈́̆́̋͜͜͠R̵̤̤̮̻̭͉̉̂͗́̇͑̊͘͝͝R̶̢̨̤͔͙͖̼̭̲̹̮̀̀̈́̐̈́̾̆̄͊̐̚͠O̵̢̧̡̱̘̤̺̖̰͚̮̣͑̀Ṛ̵̯̫͚̥̬͌̆̈́̈́̑̏̆̚̚ [Set to 0.1]
Precision: Ḙ̷̼̥̟̼̤͊̈̈͛͌̅͑̈́̆́̋͜͜͠R̵̤̤̮̻̭͉̉̂͗́̇͑̊͘͝͝R̶̢̨̤͔͙͖̼̭̲̹̮̀̀̈́̐̈́̾̆̄͊̐̚͠O̵̢̧̡̱̘̤̺̖̰͚̮̣͑̀Ṛ̵̯̫͚̥̬͌̆̈́̈́̑̏̆̚̚ [Set to 0.1]
Recovery: Ḙ̷̼̥̟̼̤͊̈̈͛͌̅͑̈́̆́̋͜͜͠R̵̤̤̮̻̭͉̉̂͗́̇͑̊͘͝͝R̶̢̨̤͔͙͖̼̭̲̹̮̀̀̈́̐̈́̾̆̄͊̐̚͠O̵̢̧̡̱̘̤̺̖̰͚̮̣͑̀Ṛ̵̯̫͚̥̬͌̆̈́̈́̑̏̆̚̚ [Set to 0.1]
Resolve: Ḙ̷̼̥̟̼̤͊̈̈͛͌̅͑̈́̆́̋͜͜͠R̵̤̤̮̻̭͉̉̂͗́̇͑̊͘͝͝R̶̢̨̤͔͙͖̼̭̲̹̮̀̀̈́̐̈́̾̆̄͊̐̚͠O̵̢̧̡̱̘̤̺̖̰͚̮̣͑̀Ṛ̵̯̫͚̥̬͌̆̈́̈́̑̏̆̚̚ [Set to 0.1]
Robust: Ḙ̷̼̥̟̼̤͊̈̈͛͌̅͑̈́̆́̋͜͜͠R̵̤̤̮̻̭͉̉̂͗́̇͑̊͘͝͝R̶̢̨̤͔͙͖̼̭̲̹̮̀̀̈́̐̈́̾̆̄͊̐̚͠O̵̢̧̡̱̘̤̺̖̰͚̮̣͑̀Ṛ̵̯̫͚̥̬͌̆̈́̈́̑̏̆̚̚ [Set to 0.1]
Speed: Ḙ̷̼̥̟̼̤͊̈̈͛͌̅͑̈́̆́̋͜͜͠R̵̤̤̮̻̭͉̉̂͗́̇͑̊͘͝͝R̶̢̨̤͔͙͖̼̭̲̹̮̀̀̈́̐̈́̾̆̄͊̐̚͠O̵̢̧̡̱̘̤̺̖̰͚̮̣͑̀Ṛ̵̯̫͚̥̬͌̆̈́̈́̑̏̆̚̚ [Set to 0.1]
Strength: Ḙ̷̼̥̟̼̤͊̈̈͛͌̅͑̈́̆́̋͜͜͠R̵̤̤̮̻̭͉̉̂͗́̇͑̊͘͝͝R̶̢̨̤͔͙͖̼̭̲̹̮̀̀̈́̐̈́̾̆̄͊̐̚͠O̵̢̧̡̱̘̤̺̖̰͚̮̣͑̀Ṛ̵̯̫͚̥̬͌̆̈́̈́̑̏̆̚̚ [Set to 0.1]
Wisdom: Ḙ̷̼̥̟̼̤͊̈̈͛͌̅͑̈́̆́̋͜͜͠R̵̤̤̮̻̭͉̉̂͗́̇͑̊͘͝͝R̶̢̨̤͔͙͖̼̭̲̹̮̀̀̈́̐̈́̾̆̄͊̐̚͠O̵̢̧̡̱̘̤̺̖̰͚̮̣͑̀Ṛ̵̯̫͚̥̬͌̆̈́̈́̑̏̆̚̚ [Set to 0.1]

Description: Ţ̵̤͓̹̗̺̙̼̭̦̳̰̼͂̅͌̈́̀̕͠͝Ḩ̵̰̠̝͙̥͖̱̓̔͌̓̓̄̋̏͛̐̾͘Ẽ̶͖̪̻̥̥̗̻̩̣͓̺̰̈̅̏̉̿̽̓́ ̵̨̛̳̯͇̜͕̭̖̀̌͂̈́̊̀̃̔̈́̍̒͒͜G̷̫͗̌͘̚͝L̸̨̨̛͎̩͎̝͓͎̲̜̻̻̹̭͑̉͐̈́̚Ǐ̶̺̳̺̗̇̎̀͌T̸̗̒͐̄͛̏̓̈́̀̋̄̃̆͘̚C̶̟͔͚̺̻͙͔̜̳̣͇̯̀̈́͜͠H̸̤͎̺̬͓̱̬̰̹̮̋͗̄͗͐͗͒͑́ͅ is a being created by the fusion of The Bone Reaper and his familiar. To creatures who are somehow able to perceive Ţ̵̤͓̹̗̺̙̼̭̦̳̰̼͂̅͌̈́̀̕͠͝Ḩ̵̰̠̝͙̥͖̱̓̔͌̓̓̄̋̏͛̐̾͘Ẽ̶͖̪̻̥̥̗̻̩̣͓̺̰̈̅̏̉̿̽̓́ ̵̨̛̳̯͇̜͕̭̖̀̌͂̈́̊̀̃̔̈́̍̒͒͜G̷̫͗̌͘̚͝L̸̨̨̛͎̩͎̝͓͎̲̜̻̻̹̭͑̉͐̈́̚Ǐ̶̺̳̺̗̇̎̀͌T̸̗̒͐̄͛̏̓̈́̀̋̄̃̆͘̚C̶̟͔͚̺̻͙͔̜̳̣͇̯̀̈́͜͠H̸̤͎̺̬͓̱̬̰̹̮̋͗̄͗͐͗͒͑́ͅ, it appears in it’s base form as a pulsating ball of grey, spectral mist.

Because of how closely connected The Bone Reaper was to his familiar, at times being one in the same, when the universe was shattered it caused them to be fused into one being, beyond the recognition of the wider system. It breaks the rules of the hyper verse, and only still exists because of the continuity of the contract. How will a G̷̫͗̌͘̚͝L̸̨̨̛͎̩͎̝͓͎̲̜̻̻̹̭͑̉͐̈́̚Ǐ̶̺̳̺̗̇̎̀͌T̸̗̒͐̄͛̏̓̈́̀̋̄̃̆͘̚C̶̟͔͚̺̻͙͔̜̳̣͇̯̀̈́͜͠H̸̤͎̺̬͓̱̬̰̹̮̋͗̄͗͐͗͒͑́ͅ in the system effect the Overgod’s game?

Mechanical Differences of Ţ̵̤͓̹̗̺̙̼̭̦̳̰̼͂̅͌̈́̀̕͠͝Ḩ̵̰̠̝͙̥͖̱̓̔͌̓̓̄̋̏͛̐̾͘Ẽ̶͖̪̻̥̥̗̻̩̣͓̺̰̈̅̏̉̿̽̓́ ̵̨̛̳̯͇̜͕̭̖̀̌͂̈́̊̀̃̔̈́̍̒͒͜G̷̫͗̌͘̚͝L̸̨̨̛͎̩͎̝͓͎̲̜̻̻̹̭͑̉͐̈́̚Ǐ̶̺̳̺̗̇̎̀͌T̸̗̒͐̄͛̏̓̈́̀̋̄̃̆͘̚C̶̟͔͚̺̻͙͔̜̳̣͇̯̀̈́͜͠H̸̤͎̺̬͓̱̬̰̹̮̋͗̄͗͐͗͒͑́ͅ:

As Ţ̵̤͓̹̗̺̙̼̭̦̳̰̼͂̅͌̈́̀̕͠͝Ḩ̵̰̠̝͙̥͖̱̓̔͌̓̓̄̋̏͛̐̾͘Ẽ̶͖̪̻̥̥̗̻̩̣͓̺̰̈̅̏̉̿̽̓́ ̵̨̛̳̯͇̜͕̭̖̀̌͂̈́̊̀̃̔̈́̍̒͒͜G̷̫͗̌͘̚͝L̸̨̨̛͎̩͎̝͓͎̲̜̻̻̹̭͑̉͐̈́̚Ǐ̶̺̳̺̗̇̎̀͌T̸̗̒͐̄͛̏̓̈́̀̋̄̃̆͘̚C̶̟͔͚̺̻͙͔̜̳̣͇̯̀̈́͜͠H̸̤͎̺̬͓̱̬̰̹̮̋͗̄͗͐͗͒͑́ͅ, I will gain advantages and disadvantages from absorbing things, whether they be items or organisms. I can choose whether or not to have certain advantages active, and what form I take based on this. However, I must have an equal number of advantages to disadvantages.

The idea behind this is really underpowered in the beginning before growing to power levels capable of rivaling Entity X as the game goes on.

As for my stats, they will rebalance as the game goes on, but will always be equal to what they would be if I was a normal player. If I perform an action that would gain me a stat point, I now have an extra stat point to distribute when I take a form other than my base form.

What do you think?


How much of your characters memory space would be dedicated to Shivalyn photos if they had any?

He would have specialized servers for storage of Shilavyn photos.

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Hmmm yes, the belgium element

Ah, lol, auto sensor must not like the dragon-chicken myth. Good thing it doesn’t portray heavily into that races powers


i didnt know you could have disadvantages/adv on ur immortal charactor…

It’s because my character is it’s own species, so those are technically the species advantages/disadvantages that are listed there

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i wonder if i punch really…really har-

Ultra Otter might be able to kill one, but because of the contact damage could also kill himself due to the force of the blow you dealt

Me using telekinesis to break their bodies apart:

i think i need to do some time space fixing here and there if I want my game to be fancying.

i don’t think I undesatd one thing:

what its one of u?

can i have more than 3 advantages as long as the points in advantages and disadvantages are equal?

the limit is 4, and its can be unsymmetrical, but the points needs to be balanced

maximum of 5 points in advantages and disadvantages right?

5 point for the advantages and 5 point for disadvantages.

total of 0

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i have edited my species submission with the ability i wanted which is hostile gene transfer and sacrificed a point from flight

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i slightly edited the values of my advantages/disadvantages because of this new information

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Nigel is incapable of counting