Ribosomes in real life are an organelle that create proteins. I think that they could be integrated into thrive with the new capped growth speed to speed up the growth speed, similar to how lysosomes speed up digestion speed currently (2/26/2023) . However, I do not think ribosomes should be added as an organelle, but instead as a slider in the membrane menu (might need its name changed). Of course , this is likely already planned, meaning this post is probably redundant, but I couldn’t find anything.

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Well, Ribosomes are, indeed, an Organelle…
…well, at least they are in Elysian Eclipse.
There they help regenerate your health faster (i think, i’m bad at remembering, but i recently played the demo)
Edit: actually they allow you to restore health in the first place, but i think we should turn that into quicker health regeneration.

I might be misunderstanding so someone with a degree in biology can confirm, but aren’t all cells absolutely required to have a ribosome? If there wasn’t a ribosome the cell could not produce any proteins and would be as good as dead already basically (the membrane will inevitably fail when it isn’t repaired).

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Even bacteria have them.
Maybe the Ribosome could have the same stats as the Cytoplasm except it allows for faster HP regen and has only half the storage.
I think the cell would start with this organelle unlocked alongside Cytoplasm.

yeah, i think they are suggesting the ability to have MORE ribosomes, like how you can add different membranes, but obviously not remove all your membranes


Oh. I see.

According to the RNA world hypotesis, the first self replicating molecule was an RNA. It mutated and became a molecule called a ribozyme*, which can act as an enzyme. It gained a cell membrane for a more stable environment, a copy of the genetic information was stored in DNA, and ribozyme merged with some proteins to become a ribosome. So in a sense, ribosome is the main part of the cell. It isn’t added, everything else is added around it.

Well isn’t that just the biggest gosh darn tooting plot twist i’ve ever seen in the history of life!
(i knew about both the RNA World hypothesis and the Ribozyme before, but i didn’t know about THAT before! But hey, the more you know.)

ribosomes are required to allow a cell with proteins to survive but a protobiont can do just fine without them because they just get lipids and the materials to fuel their RNA replicase from just their cytoplasm so the player should probably start with none and just grow based off of the lipid concentration of the area, their phosphorus, glucose, ammonia, and lipid intake, and the composition of the water(certain things break down the membrane but the player should always start with membrane proteins[probably actually RNA folded in a specific way due to it’s composition] to protect against that in their starting patch)


How do you counter the argument that the simple form of ribosomes pre-date cells? That RNA world hypothesis that was mentioned just a few posts before that the function of the ribosome existed before cells.

with the fact that ribozymes had to be separated from the RNA replicase for it to produce a new RNA replicase instead of duplicating ribozymes which would cause the daughter proto-cells to have one RNA replicase and one ribozyme thus dooming half(statistically speaking) of their offspring to not be able to replicate stored information.

based on that a protobiont would not be able to have ribozymes and have more than half of it’s children’s children be able to reproduce(or at least they wouldn’t be able to replicate their information[which means no evolution]) unless an RNA replicase just happened to float into their membranes which would most likely just replicate a ribozyme due to RNA replicase replicating the first RNA molecule it comes into contact with.

for a protobiont to survive and have all of its children survive and replicate it must have 2 RNA replicase.

the adaptation that allowed protobionts to have ribozymes was probably just having their RNA replicase molecule they use as a blueprint to print more RNA replicase be circular instead of a strand and that strand could have other RNA molecules get fused to it(like a ribozyme) and also have those be printed

here is a video explaining what i used to do the math but also mostly just Abiogenesis

I tried to read your post, but I got lost before getting through the massive paragraph, so someone else will have to reply to you to counter your points…

i’ll try to space it out so it can be read if the spacing is the issue

i see too much replicate and replicase there
its gonna be a hellish labyrinth for whoever tries to read this to understand it lol
try expanding your vocabulary

i only had replicase and ribozyme on my brain so that’s probably why

EDIT: i fixed most of the repeating words issue

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RNA strands can either be replicated by themselves, due to amino acids bumping into them or this process can be sped up with an RNA replicase, which is a ribosyme (RNA enzyme). Also the division of the RNA replicase happens many times, there are more than 2 copies, it explains in the video. The daughter cells with the right ribosymes (the replicase, and the other ones doing the necessary reactions for homeostasis) can survive and divide, hence, evolution.

Can a cell exist without a membrane? Viroids exist but they are viruses, maybe in the past there were some replicases that lived like cells, or maybe they always needed a membrane.

We can have a molecular stage. Zooming on a single hex and seeing how it grows, upgrading the RNAs, unlocking nadh or nadph in the editor, and designing a non lawk citric acid cycle.