Russian community

hello everyone, I’m from Russia and I would like when you finish the cell stage, you have made the Russian language in the game and I would be able to create a community of Russian players. I would also like to advertise the game, since I have a sister who studies at the best journalism university in Russia and a post about the game will be seen by many people and will even be able to help you in development, thank you in advance


Welcome to the community. Translations for the game are worked on by the community here:

There’s also a thread to discuss the translations: Thrive Translation and Correction Office [TTCO]

I wasn’t really sure how to categorize your post as it kind of doesn’t fit any category that well, in the end I decided to put it in #not-thrive as this just seems to talk about some random stuff about having a specific language community for the game.

To be honest, I suspected that this topic is the “center” of the Thrive Russian community on forums, but it turned out differently.

@hhyyrylainen I’d have thought #meta would be the most appropriate category for talk of game translation and developing a wider community, as these are meta aspects of the game.

I’ve just seen that the game has been (at least partly) translated into 49 languages. Nice. :+1:t4:

Well it seems they planned to only do this after the microbe stage is done. So I would expect that anyone who sees this thread to completely forget entirely about this before that happens.

Right. It seems there is some ambiguity there.

@AntonProGamer228 You can help to create the Russian translation yourself. If you can get others to help, that’ll be the fastest way to get the game fully in Russian.