Satellite galaxies

will you add satellite galaxy’s in the game? also, if you don’t know what it is there just smaller galaxy’s orbiting the main one.


Even a single galaxy is way bigger than what we can have in the game:

So I think we should have just one galaxy, if we want more stuff we can just try to get closer and closer to realistically sized galaxy.


Satellite galaxies could be a purely aesthetic thing. Most large galaxies have satellites anyways, if not all, so it’s kinda mandatory to put them there. You don’t need to be able to go to them, just have them exist like all the galaxies you can see in the far distance in the skybox.


Moving between galaxies is almost impossible without ftl travel, which has not been proven to be possible at a scientific standpoint, as it would break the fundimwntal laws of the universe.

Basically, the universe expands faster than you can travel. Making traveling between galaxies almost impossible, not including yhe convergence of two or more galaxies.

you do make a good point, with modern physics that we know it’s pretty much impossible to do so and like you said the universe expansion rate is also a big issue as well as it’s expanding at 73 kilometers per second per megaparsec.

alternatively just expand space behind you while shrinking space in front of you. need to go faster? put more power into the drive. need to go to a planet? just use the drive far enough above the galaxy that you don’t turn it into belgium
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You’re describing an alcubierre drive, the problem with that is

doesn’t work because negative mass has not been proven to exist, and even if they did, since they don’t show up anywhere naturally they must be extremely unstable (not ideal when they need to oppose an entire gravity field on the other side of the drive).

just use dark energy behind you and dark matter in front of you

You just switched to using different words, but didn’t explain how that would help at all.

I’m all for scifi stuff like FTL in Thrive, but when discussing non-scifi topics, actual evidence based on known physics needs to be presented.

What about this: When we unlock non lawk, it also unlocks sci fi and ftl.
If there is no ftl, we build ascension gate after making a dyson swarm, not much expansion into other solar systems needed.
If there is ftl, we build ascension gate after colonising many solar systems, but a dyson swarm isn’t needed.

gather the energy responsible for the expansion of the universe and make a wall of it behind your ship and gather the matter theoretically responsible for holding the universe together and make a wall of that in front of your ship

How? How does any of that use any known or theoretical physics? You didn’t address my point at all.

dark energy expands space and assuming dark matter contracts it you could use it to not mess up a galaxy/galaxy cluster by warping through it

What are your sources on those claims?

Negative energy doesn’t violate the laws of physics, it just violates the energy condition, and leads to stuff like faster than light movement(like the expansion of space) and time travel into the past.

If there is ftl(and I think there should be), we should come up with an excuse why it also doesn’t allow time travel(and grandfather paradoxes)

dark energy doesn’t push us you back in time it just expands space and that’s pretty much all i know about it and @hhyyrylainen here is a source that explains how dark energy works Dark Energy, Dark Matter | Science Mission Directorate

Have you read your own source? It doesn’t say that it is possible to collect it or any known or theoretically feasible way to use it for anything. Here’s a really good quote from the page:

More is unknown than is known. We know how much dark energy there is because we know how it affects the universe’s expansion. Other than that, it is a complete mystery.

i said we barely know anything about dark energy

Which is exactly why you cannot use it to support your opinion.

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in your quote from the article it says We know how much dark energy there is because we know how it affects the universe’s expansion. and if one were to compress it it would likely have the same properties per amount in a smaller space what i was talking about is called an expansion drive if i remember correctly which is based almost purely on theoretical physics but yes Other than that, it is a complete mystery.

even using what little we know about it assuming it works similar to regular energy that being the ability to be compressed and have the same force per unit of energy you could, given the necessary tech and materials, make an expansion drive