Satellite galaxies

will you add satellite galaxy’s in the game? also, if you don’t know what it is there just smaller galaxy’s orbiting the main one.


Even a single galaxy is way bigger than what we can have in the game:

So I think we should have just one galaxy, if we want more stuff we can just try to get closer and closer to realistically sized galaxy.


Satellite galaxies could be a purely aesthetic thing. Most large galaxies have satellites anyways, if not all, so it’s kinda mandatory to put them there. You don’t need to be able to go to them, just have them exist like all the galaxies you can see in the far distance in the skybox.

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Moving between galaxies is almost impossible without ftl travel, which has not been proven to be possible at a scientific standpoint, as it would break the fundimwntal laws of the universe.

Basically, the universe expands faster than you can travel. Making traveling between galaxies almost impossible, not including yhe convergence of two or more galaxies.

you do make a good point, with modern physics that we know it’s pretty much impossible to do so and like you said the universe expansion rate is also a big issue as well as it’s expanding at 73 kilometers per second per megaparsec.