Silly idea i had

Bro this meme is older than my grandpa

Just so you guys know, I made sure my humans had all the varience genes normal people have.
Also I finished my next project, a cat, which was a lot harder because of the varience genes for fur color.

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Person 1: So devs, now that NASA has discovered life on titan, will there be any changes to the game?

Deathwake: Yes, we are planning to update our engine based on titan data, but we will need more information

Me: lol when I was younger I really thought that we would never find life outside of the earth, that we were doomed. I think it was a… doomer, I think

Person 1: Ok millennial

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You forgot about microbial life on Venus, they discovered that before they discovered life on Titan.


So, there is solar system in thrive? Can we go there and interact with humans?

They mean updating the auto-evo and biological processes possible in-game to include the ones found in Titan

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There’s a mod that adds earth, I’m actually helping work on it, that’s why I’m making all these earth creatures.

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August 13th, 2028

[Twitter image print showing the plush]


“Is so beautiful”

“Finally something good from humanity”

August 23th, 2028

is my god now

[Semi Belgium post about the plush"

September 13, 2028

Hyllaien: My plush has arrived!

“The plush is so powerful that it made Hyllaien come back”

“I’m breaking into your house if you don’t give me this fluffy plush”
Hyllaien:“Lol Not unless you’re on the moon”

October 3, 2028

Zenzone: Looks like he’s doing something
[plush funny picture]

“A no, plush world domination is starting”


now we need an uteen plush

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Help I’m trying to play as a human but every time I get to the space stage there’s a nuclear war and I lose

gameplay link

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have you guys seen markipliers new video on playing thrive. he makes a penis. classic markiplier

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I’m surprised, 40000 entries in zenzones detective thingy and not one about me.

yo guys i made spacemarines from warhammer in the technology editor. bioengineering+adamantium


I made a multycellilar organisam of 100 cells that nides pations

Guys, can you tell me how to quickly build an Ascension Gate without using cheats?

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well, as long as you command plenty solar systems, then you should be able to get the materials pretty quickly

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For the quick and easy approach, just make 3 Dyson spheres, connect them together with a ring, keep it spinning so the stars don’t fall inward, and line the inside of the ring with the things needed to make the ascension gate. The Dyson spheres will provide the necessary power, and the ring the required shape. After that you just need to grind the necessary tech and materials.