Size and other questions

What will be the minimum requirement for you to get to 3d? Both the ammount of cells needed or the technicall size. And how will you even get into multicellular stage in the first place? What you’ve going to need to do?

We’ll likely go with a number like 20 initially in the first version you can become macroscopic.

imo it should stay like this for the transition from early multicell to whatever comes after so people with potato pcs can play past early multicell

Extreme opinion here, I think adding hexagons to design your cell is not good. In real life cells don’t become all the shapes that are possible in Thrive. We should have had the DNA system, where you add organelles like adding proteins (not the other way round) and their position on the cell is random. The shape shouldn’t be editable until adding the second spike or flagella.

Also switch to 3d will be pancakeocalypse. I had a way better idea but you guys pulled a russian silent treatment on me.

I think they didn’t like your idea because its less fun. Thrive is a game as well as a simulation.

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The concept art* doesn’t look like a pancake*. I guess having metaballs for individual cells and never making the multicellular editor 2d solved that.