Skin Types and Coloration

Small little aesthetic things with creating your species that I thought of.

Firstly, types of skins/coats your species could have; say you wanna make a species with fur, how would you add in the fur? ‘Painting’ it on (Choosing ‘fur’ in some sort of tab and then you’ll be able to use a paint tool of sorts to cover your creatures model in fur, complete with giving you options on changing the length of the fur)?

Second, colors! Would adding colors in be similar to the concept I had in mind for the skin types, or could it be totally different?

Perhaps these could have practical uses in-game as well? For example if you had fur you could endure colder temperatures better than a species without fur.


I think that using painting tools might be a really good idea not just for fur, but even for skin texture, e.g. smooth or rough, where the rough, hard skin might function as an armour, but would restrict movement of those parts, making the creature less agile. The fur/scales/skin-armour might even be generated with a tiny bit of randomness in order to make your species look not just like exact copies of each other, but a bit more realistic. E.g. there might be a tiny chance of having for example a recessive gene that changes the fur colour just a few shades, barely noticeable, or a gene that makes the armoured area slightly larger/smaller. This might be applied to the overall size of your creature as well, since IRL all crocodiles are not exactly 3.5 meters long, but rather there is a slight variety. Uhh, maybe I should start another topic talking about this. But my point is that I agree. :slight_smile:


I no longer think I can call myself the king of necro.

Though isn’t skin color planned on aiding in stealth things? So letting people spray what they want kinda a ruin that (dark skin color then bright skin color stripes). Or would something be monitoring the surface area and take percentages of light and dark skin to the overall surface area and use those percentages to decide how detectable you are. The harder option is AI sight based stealth where it only measures the surface area visible and use those percentages to decide stealth, I’m using a great white as an example, you look up and see the light belly blend in with the light surface and look down on the dark top to the dark depths which makes it good at stealth in the ocean and the side is the easiest to spot due to the color difference (light and dark).

Welp, there was an earlier thread, where the general consensus would be to check the colour of the environment, the size of the creature, and visibility. (I.E. a bush in front of your creature would mean other creatures won’t see it as fast.) My personal idea is that when a creature has another in its FoV, it would check around the silhouette of the creature and compare the immediate area around the creatures with the area within the silhouette, and calculate the difference in colour. If the total difference is big enough, it will register the other creature as “seen” and react accordingly. I was originally planning on adding a illustration, before realizing I have the artistic skills of a pile of rocks and should be studying.

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