Skipping stages

Should it be possible to skip stages in thrive (without cheats) and how would you do so if you could?


Assuming dynamic MP cell cost in multicellular stage, you could skip microscopic multicell by making an hyper efficent cell in singlecell and then becoming multicell and placing enough to become macroscopic (but this Depends on the minimum cell cost and minimum cell count needed to become macroscopic in the future)


I propose colony organism developing space tech in awakening or society, skipping industrial

Is this serious or a joke?

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what about like in spore, where you choose which stage to start in.

It’s Really out there

I was going to try to describe how some stages might be skippable, but the more I think, it just seems completely impossible. Skipping sub stages may be possible (unlikely) but if the game is reasonable no skipping should be possible


I can’t say for sure as I am not a developer, but I imagine stage skipping and just downright choosing a stage to start in would work very different than in Spore, since every planet’s life is tailored to it through natural selection.
Thus if you wanted to skip a stage or start in one of your choosing the game would have to do a really intense auto-evo of the entire history of your planet up until the stage you’ve selected. Or, it would need to use life from another game you’ve played, which would effectively be Spore and would risk poor survival rates for the organisms on the planet.

You would also either need to build a whole organism from the ground up, or need to select one from a previous gameplay. The first option would be extremely difficult as every organism is comprised of different types of cells and different tissues, and things like limbs are evolved slowly over generations. Building an organism only really works if you do it naturally, otherwise you’ll suffer from a sensory overload trying to build something from the ground up all at once. Imagine shaping a creature’s limbs without having already given it nubs in the past to shape them out of. You’d need to give it nubs, then immediately alter them to become full limbs, then alter those limbs to be more defined and specialized, etc… This is easy when it’s done over time, not so easy when done in one consecutive editing session.
It would feel less like building or editing and more like sculpting. So much detail and care goes into building an organism and it just can’t be done in one sitting without driving you insane.

You need to make a cell. You need to modify that cell to serve the functions of other tissues, such as skin, hair, organs, etc. You need to organize those cells into the shape of a multicellular organism. You need to make it macroscopic. You need to place each cell type you made carefully into different germ layers and likely specialize them even further to create different tissues for different uses. You need to add a skeleton of some kind if you’re not a plant and not soft-bodied. You then need to make projections in the skeleton and build those up to form complex structures. On and on and on.
In normal Thrive, all this would be done in stages.
You build a cell in the microbe stage.
You create different cell types for different uses in the multicellular stage, and you arrange the basic shape of your macroscopic organism in this stage too.
You add small adaptations to your organism in the macroscopic stage, creating the very beginnings of organs, germ layers, and limbs one small step at a time until later into the stage. It’s slow, and it progresses naturally. Nothing has to be thought of too hard, because you do everything for yourself with just the intent of surviving before you reach the point of actually building a proper animal, plant, or fungus. Limb nubs aren’t added because you want to build a leg, they’re added because it’ll add to your speed, for example. Protective tissues aren’t formed because you want skin, they’re formed because when you were in the microbe stage everything killed your squishy stem cell without them.

The second option of putting an already made organism into your world would likely end in extinction, unless the world you’re in is similar to the one you built the organism to survive in.

I can go on about how impractical it is to skip or spawn into stages, but it’d be really long. That said impractical doesn’t mean IMPOSSIBLE. They can still implement it if they want, but it’d be a very different experience from normal Thrive and would be very hard to play properly.


I’ve mentioned before that if we ever make a pick a stage to start from mechanic, we basically have to do the equivalent of loading a premade save to start off the player in a later stage.