Slavery Take Two

Slavery can, but doesn’t need to exist. The whole point original slavery started was as prisoners of war. But sometimes , but rarely it ended with the getting free. But why not add them. It’s like not adding nat-corp, because you disagree with what they stand for or what they did.

That still fails to explain why symbiosis can’t be slavery, or why a line of creatures is either of those things

Where exactly did I make that claim?

So then how is this discussion relevant to slavery? Why, for example, are modular organisms naturally more efficient while also more rebellious?

This is another grey area in slavery: Is it considered slavery to artificially change someone’s desires? The definitions given above seem to say that no, it isn’t, which seems rather strange

Literally in this exact same post:

WTF are you reading? Mind control / brainwashing is obviously not real consent.

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Because… He answered your question?


Gaslighting someone to believe you’re right and they’re wrong along with Stockholm syndrome seems a lot like slavery to me


Gaslighting by definition requires actual malice to be behind the attempt to make another person question their memory or sanity. I’m not yet convinced that is the case, because if that was the case I’d have already banned BurgeonBlas for trolling.


That’s the conundrum: It seems like slavery, but the definitions say it isn’t

because brainwashing and mind control force the person to do something when they normally wouldnt do it???

it is still slavery by the definition though


Let me just give you an example
Mr M kidnaps Ms A
Mr M bashes Ms A’s head
Ms A doesn’t think what Mr M did was wrong anymore(for very obvious reasons)
Therefore, Mr M did nothing wrong