Society Simulation Social Experiment

I start a small farm, and gather logs for a fire. I then hunt animals for food and furs until I can build a tent next to my farm.

Specify the amount of crops you plant.
Choose your first and staple crop:

  • Wheat
  • Rice
  • Quinoa
  • Maize/Corn
  • Potato
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potato is love potato is life

Wheat, i choose you! I have no idea to play this because i was gone for basically forever!

potato has nutrition potato is tasty potato is versatile potato is tough

Wheat was in minecraft first. Nyeh!

civil war begins /s

Oh noooooo
gets shot by a potato gun

potato is ☭the food of the proletariat☭

is the miro map done?

Wait, isn’t the prolitariat from 1984?
Edit: no, it just means “communistic working class”.
Ironically, despite being the place to invent “prole”, The Party from 1984 isn’t communist, BUT THAT’S A WHOLE DIFFERENT CAN OF WORMS.

Just realized miro map isn’t infinite. Can you think of any online services that:

  1. Are 100% free
  2. You are able to have an infinite canvas(expanding on the y and x axis) while still remaining free of cost.
  3. The canvas never expires and lasts forever free of cost.
  4. There are no limitations to data storage.
    I can only think of google sheets.

closest thing you’re gonna get is a google sheets file and an image making thing

Well its not ‘communist working class’ it’s a term used by leftists to refer to working classes. Regardless of the economic system of whichever country the working class is operating in.

Potatoes are the food of the motherland, must make my ancestors proud.

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Potatoes are now the food of the Empirium.
@aviancreature can you specify the amount of crops you plant now?

2 acres of potatoes please

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I don’t know how many i need to keep a village fed, but that much.

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Not specific enough. Specify # of potatoes over the 2 acres.

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250 potatoes are very nice