Space Easter Eggos

Since I’m pretty sure Earth is going an Easter egg, I have a question: Will it be desolate and lifeless, or will there actually be humans on it?

Also, Grox. I’d be disappointed if they don’t make it into Thrive

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From what I’ve read about the Grox, I don’t support having them even as an easter egg in thrive. But I like the idea of having earth in thrive. Probably not worth the effort to have human looking creatures on it, though.


The earth idea is quite cool. However I also agree with hhyyrylainen to not have accurate humans on it, I wouldn’t even have the proper nations on the map. Otherwise this could lead to lots of crazy wall-street medias bashing us because some people decided to make videos titled “death-raying Hillary!” or “kidnapping and dissecting Putin!” in a very realistic and detailed game. You get the point.

As for the Grox, one of the most concrete objectives in Thrive is to create a realistic game that avoids Spore’s over-simplified children’s toy feel. And having a cliche and unrealistic, main villain, evil empire would be equivalent to throwing that objective right out the window. I completely disagree with anything like the Grox existing in Thrive.


I think we should include real humans and real countries, just not specific people. It would also be fun to see different time periods, such as the many eras before man, or simulate a future earth. Who knows, you could find dinosaurs, or you could find Alexander conquering Anatolia.

I think however Earth should look should depend on when you spawn in the universe’s timeline, majority of the time you will find a barren pre-life Earth or one unrecognisable from our future, maybe a human empire already exists in the galaxy.
Perhaps later in development, you will be able to choose when you spawn in the game. Not only allowing for people to abduct present day humans or get primitives to worship you, but also to allow players to experience being around near the start or end of the universe, since there would be a big difference in what you could see/travel to outside your own system.


I more or less meant that the Grox would just be a small easter egg and not a full fledged villain, like a destroyed civilization with traces of Grox tech. And I can see the issues with humans, so I guess an human-less Earth would be pretty cool.

We could have a Earth full of monkey people, that’d be like … a double easter egg !


Like Planet of the Apes?

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Exactly ! hahaha

I think some cool easter eggs would be some the interesting planets people discovered like TrES 2b, which only reflects 1% of light that hits it.

On this note will there be Black Dwarfs in the game or would they not be worth the effort?

One thing I’ve often thought would be quite cool is different spawn periods, a bit like Lanky Giraffe is saying above.

So you could start when the galaxy is young and be one of the first civs to explore it. Or you could evolve super late when most of the stars had burned out and the galaxy was filled with the debris of a thousand fallen empires.

It would be fun to let the player randomise that choice at the start. So you start playing and then when you first look at the night sky you might just realise there’s not much in it.


Easter Egg Planet - The Ruin (you probably know what game is it from)

I solved the problem with correctly rebuilding Earth. You cant land there. Humans are arfraid of Aliens and dont let you come to their Homeworld (Earth). And if you try to get there with millitary Force, something bad happens and Earth goes boom.


Just wait until those bipedal misanthropes never catch wind of my Sub-Photonic Sensors - all they can do is make a little bit of interference.

Easter egg idea that not only makes sense realistically but would be very sneakily hidden

What if one Alien Race you encounter has language translation problems like the Orz from star control it could say at the start the same message you get before the Orz dialogue from the translation system
which for saving time i will put the video

Maybe you don’t find a Grox planet where they went all “evil-cyborg-holders-of-the-centre-of-the-galaxy-empire”, but you instead just find them as some small chill dudes with no robotic parts. I think it could work and it would make the players feel proud of finding the one planet with their favourite galactic villain, without making it too over the top or unrealistic.

Stop trying to put Grox in my spore free game


Sorry, I just have very fond memories of it, and I find spore players are very present in the forum, so I thought we could give a little nod to a child favourite in a non-intrusive and sneaky way. Again, sorry if my idea rubbed you off the wrong way.

I reckon there could be a subtler and less 'possibility of copyright’y easter egg to put in the game, like a crashed Steve ship on a distant, barren moon, or something like that…