Space Engineers

So anyone else here play space engineers? I’ve been wanting to play it on multiplayer but random people tends to mean random space junk floating around and lots of lag so having a private server is a better option.

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Yeah I play Space Engineers too! I had this game when I was a new gamer to the Steam community. There weren’t even planets when I got the game. But a private server doesn’t protect you from lagging Steve. There are things not to do like building very large ships, uploading too much mods on your server, etc. Just be careful about it. I almost unlocked every achievement in this game, so… But I’m sure you would find someone on Steam community. Go in your library, Space Engineers, then Discussions, Multiplayer tab on your right, you can either create a thread or join someone.

While that wont escape lag, private multiplayer allows me to manage what’s going on (admin privileges means I can delete entities if they are causing lag).

If I had a proper pc setup (and didn’t squander my money on tf2 hats) I probably would have bought this game.


If my toaster was not a toaster, then i probably would have gotten the game as well. I already have terraria and minecraft installed so eh

You’re buying tf2 hats? Hmm, I only bought keys to get rid of my crates (I still have over 50 crates) and I stopped playing TF2 regularly since the Meet your Match update (why did they make it like CSGO? What were they thinking?!).

Wait in TF2 you can’t just sell unopened cases like in CS;GO? Why?

Im pretty sure you can, you just get 1 cent each. also they are so common that it would take ages before yours is sold. Still, no sense in buying keys to get rid of crates

The same goes for CS;GO, and they’re actually sold suprisingly quickly. It’s not much, but I think I’ve made around 50 cents by now purely by selling 1 cent crates. (I think I’m at around €2/€3 by now total ) It’s not a job of course, but it’s comparable to finding a penny in the streets, just a lucky bonus.

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Because if I open them, I would get much more value from them rather than selling them unopened. Also, I have many crates from 2013-2015, so I better open them all before it’s too late.

I dont think crates have an expiry date, though i may be wrong

There were some crates in the past that are now impossible to unlock because their respective key have been removed from Mann Co. Store.

I mean, if you aren’t going to play tf2 after the meet your match update, you are wasting money on opening the crates, when you could make a buck by selling them.

Let me at least unlock my 135 achievements remaining in the game! Then, I’ll wait wisely until Team Fortress 3 comes out of the darkest corner of Valve… .

How did this devolve from a space Minecraft ripoff discussion to an overwatch ripoff discussion? smh…

Yeah sorry about that. But please don’t confuse TF2 and Overwatch. They aren’t the same, period.

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You’re right, cause tf2 was a paladins ripoff.

wrong, tf2 was a tf1 ripoff.


Back to space engineers, I might buy another copy and gift it to someone so we can play together (if you have a good computer that is)(also it will happen the next time it’s on sale).

And you’d need to friend me on steam so I can gift it.

I have space engineers but it only works on Windows and it’s not good enough of a game for me to feel like it is worth it to boot up Windows to play it.

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