Space ship ideas for space stage gameplay

I’m glad you like it! But tweaks like that are definitely good tools to have to make assigning functions easier.

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i think it was TJ whale actually earlier in this same thread but he said space stage building is like lego as in there’ll be a multitude of parts to brick together to make your space ship if you don’t know what i mean go to your box of legos open it and make a space ship from those legos bam you just explained to yourself how it works

Yeah I can imagine the ship itself being put together by the player, but my question is whether some of the “lego bricks” will have a function, or whether they are gonna be just “universal parts” as we referred to them with @OmnipotentFNarr. Because what you’re describing sounds a lot like Spore, where you have A LOT of creative freedom, yes, but the design of your ship does not affect anything. In my opinion, that’s not the way to go. I think that the system @OmnipotentFNarr and I have proposed is giving the player creative freedom, letting them customize the functionality of their ship, is “somewhat realistic” and easy to understand.
If there’s anything unclear about that design, let me know!

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Ok what i am picturing is basically an actual (NOTHING LIKE SPORE) lego set nothing different at all but you can add specialized bricks like thos gun bricks or light up bricks like the specialized parts you mentioned onto that same lego ship i heard theres interior design somewhere on spaceships

And people were complaining about my tech editor idea taking up at least 10 seconds of one’s time. This sounds like an incredibly lengthy process. This sounds like if you wanted to make a ship, that’s at least somewhat functional, you’d spent at least 5 minutes minimum, and if you wanted to make a ship that’s actually good, it could take even an hour. I think that customizable shapes of the “universal parts” are a much more elegant solution that provides the same amount of creative freedom, while not taking up so much time.
But we can agree on the functional parts, I see them roughly the same way as you do, just not lego. Another thing I have proposed above is assigning some kind of function even to the “universal parts”, that don’t have any function by default. To those parts, or their fractions, you can assign functions such as storage, habitation, spaceship garages (if the ship is big enough) and stuff like that. If you don’t know how that would work, it’s just a few posts above.

I like taking time to make stuff

In all good video games theres always long periods of peaceful silence to help you re energise in real life and calm down, Doom 2016 even had those bits where you’d just walk around. In my vision imagine you’re playing thrive spending every waking moment making decisions tactically and building and sending stuff out to do additional things vital to your operations it’ll be grating on yourself after a while and a nice 5 minute break with peaceful music in the editor sounds like heaven to yourself in that situation, it was actually one of my favourite things about spore the peaceful editor sections the music went along fine and you could just chill out

Also i don’t know what the hell you mean by universal parts is it like spore?

Second i distinctly remember reading on the wiki that the way a piece of tech works is first you basically can make anything you want from a series of shapes like spore and lego, then you use one of your previously researched function parts to give it a set of properties but you have to make your function parts like the way you’d make a piece of tech using shapes in the interior section of the tech editor then finally you add on those function parts unto your vehicle to give it purpose and properties that way its possible to make a helicopter with wheels and a boat with tank threads since you don’t have to make one specific Niche thing and it only fills that niche

Plus this thread was originally meant for suggesting ideas for Space ship variants one could create in space stage like an interdictor vessel or something simple like a missile corvette but as much as i do like how this thread has changed into my first big thread i’d still like to see the variants i proposed as a matter of fact i was the only one who actually followed what my thread was meant for Roboromb only asked for clarification and didn’t use that clarification to the benefit of this thread, OoferDoofer mistook this as a space ship design submission page, smrcibob mistook it for a space ship module suggestion page which isnt a bad thing, and then finally the topic was derailed into a discussion for design sharing. i’d finally like to see some space ship variant being suggested no matter how ridiculous it sounds Planet ship sounds fine to suggest

I know i know gasp a doble poust as a certain banned individual may say but its just for a poll which is to ask
Should i Change the title of this thread to Space Ideas for Spacestage gameplay since everyone prefers that

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Why can you vote up to 2 options, when there are only 2 options?

its my first time dude

Me too, but turns out, there’s not really an abundance of people sharing this with us. That’s why my Tech Editor idea takes both kind of people into account. In the version of the Tech Editor (actually just more like tools editor, time-wise circa from tribal to medieval) I proposed a solution, that allows someone who purely wants something functional and does not care about the design to slap a thing onto another thing and within 10 seconds they are good to go, but someone like you and me can spend even 15 minutes just decorating every single inch. And I think that the approach we mentioned here would do the same for the spaceships.

Yes, basically just shapes that can be modified in proportions and do not have a function by default. This would be the torso of the ship, upon which the functional parts or other universal parts would be mounted. The shapes, however, would be simple geometrical stuff (e.g. a prism, a cube, a torus…), which could be easily modified into a desired shape using a grid that would be on them. Once you have the shape you want, you would select a part of the grid or the entire universal part and assign it a function, which I’ve mentioned somewhere above. Also, on this torso, you would slap the functional parts such as thrusters, guns et cetera.

If you don’t like taking time to play stuff why would you be wanting to play thrive it ain’t an action game XD

As a reaction to

And I assume a lot of people see the editor as a bit of a chore and want to focus on the game outside of it. There are even people who would want a “button” to skip the editor and get something pre-made, which is… yeah, nah. But I think that if it can be done more easily while still allowing the same amount of creativity (if not more of it), why not go for it. I don’t think the Lego approach is the best idea.

Well i see about that but from my point of view i think this could be solved but first my opinion on the whole people don’t like editor thing

Thrive is a game about Evolution sure, a Game where you guide the Evolution of one species it isn’t a game where you don’t have much control on the changes your creature undergoes you are the Changes when the game moves past microbial you’ll experience the full shlazamo Multicellular stage Aware Awakening (because Aware and Awakening or atleast in the early beginning are the same stage in essence) and even then you’re still using the same cells you made in microbe stage to constitute your multicellular creature, You still use the same multicellular creature as basis for your Aware creature, You still use your Aware creature for your entire species in Awakening , so why i may ask that people don’t want to use the editor Thrive is about evolution but i also see it as about Customization Personalization a tool to unleash the imagination sure you can just play the other portions of the game as they are but wouldn’t it be gratifying to look over your virtual cities look at all the vehicles and infantry and think to yourself, I made that, and when you think about that you’ll be pleased at the result of your creations the editor may be a chore but all Chores result in something gratifying at the end whether it be Clean clothes for next week or more dishes to eat with.

And second for those still stubborn about the editor the way the button could work is that first off the player should atleast make a couple of things its the point of thrive do that, then after you’ve built a couple of things Remember that Spore demo? The one where they said there was a catalogue of buildings
Yeah that do that
Make it so that the game will try and recongnise your style of creation create a catalogue of buildings and stuff for you to use and then bam you got your own vehicles at the click of a button simple.

I don’t think the community agrees.

This is a bit out of context, the context can be found here. However, the point is that most of the community does not want an editor as something you should do, barely just as an option.

Can we texture the ship? you know some spaceships have those boxy looking things on them, especially in star wars!

I don’t see why not. Texture painting your creature is probably going to be in the game way before space stage is even started.

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Ayyyy my thread’s been revived

Thank you @LastDragon!

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Hope no-one said it yet, or otherwise this would be kind of awkward, but anyway - how about we use asteroids as spaceships? I mean, asteroids are traveling just fine across space, and I guess nothing will stop an advanced civilization to “transform” one from the inside (like, the outlook will be basically a giant rock, but inside there will be buildings and etc.). :thinking:


I am so late… So space stage should just have ksp physics but parts have to be built by you with the broader parameters of science. As in every (or most) mathematical equation can be simulated in the game, starting with the four main forces to the broader branches of science.

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that’s been said before which made me hyped AF

Not the asteroid thing but planetarry annihilation did that already