Spacefaring Civilizations

Similar to how Spore handled what types of Empires you found in the Space stage, I think Thrive should handle that similarly.

Biologists - Biologists seek knowledge and wish to learn more. Life exists to be understood and studied.

Conquerors - Conquerors take what they want with force. They wage wars on others who oppose them. They enslave the weak for their own personal gain.

Warriors - Warriors are among the brave and the bold. Armed with spears and heavy artillery, stylized with trophies of the enemy, they stand amongst their allies.

Politicians - Basically just Diplomatics in Spore

Merchants - Merchants travel the galaxy, trading with the rich to get the big bucks. Allying with a merchant might win you the lottery!

Shamans - The same thing as in Spore

I tried to add a humorous tone to these descriptions, to have that old spore feel

I dont really think they should be limited to “classes” of empires, but instead the player discovers their traits as they mess around with it, giving it a more of a sense of discovery


Fair Point

Though these could be the definitive title given to them after you observe them. Though I think conquerors would try and exterminate you on the spot.

This shoud be more of an prefrence like:

That sounds good.

But their preference with the player would likely change over time depending on how they would treat them.

No like the empire prefrence
the individual-the comunity
if they like war more they are more liekly to go to war if they value knolage they are smarter
and what u sey is relation

I know, but what I meant was how their relations toward the player would change over time depending on how the player would treat them

Though I understand and fully agree what you’re saying, I was trying to bring up a new topic.

yeah relations shoud change and its like 2 am sorry if i dont make sense

Don’t worry, I’ve never made sense at 2 AM either

what do u think of alliences

I think alliances would aid your species in some way, particulary traders or diplomatic empires.

To ally with warriors and conquerors, I think you’d have to earn their trust in some way.

Over all, I think alliances are pretty good.

I dont like that class sistem :anger:

Well, I don’t know what else to say :woman_shrugging:

it shoud be more like stelaris u have ur valued stuf but stil can do the heck u want

I’m sure that my first Thrive species I evolve into will be that of a conquering archtype :smiling_imp:

u can still have that but like an classification that u can change and are not restrictd to

I like choosing our own things, instead of haivng one assigned to us automatically.

I think we should als be able to assign our species a description, like what they do and everything.

yeah like ur species like war but still can can be other they are not wepons

I’m sure that a species wouldnt just out of the blue “like war”, they should have a reason worth doing so in the first place.

My species that I had in mind would go around to gather resources and use the enslaved race as a type of biologically engineered cyborg in their conquest for galactic dominance.

and also why whoud an stellar civ fight they have resurces and space and about slaves they must have slaves to become slavers so they must have some slave pop like horse with humans