Speculative evolution

I know there are others but they seemed to have died.
In this version we are on planet Joni in the area know as the Khufu stringNEWMAP

You can start as
A). an 8 inch fish
B). an 9 inch lizard

I use a 6 sided dice:
1 terrible , decrease in population
2 -3 bad, slight increase in population
4 -5 good, increase in population
6 great, huge growth in population, possible extra mutation

Name: Frilled Gago Plant

Habitat: very shallows. Colonies of 5-10.

Diet: sunlight

Behavior: attached to ocean floor floats to top of water to collect lots of sunlight.

Description: long green stem with large dark green frills on top. 1 to 4 feet high.

There is currently no food on land

Floater Lizard has streched out skin, and can float on the surface and eat the plants.

1 foot long


this thread has obviously died, (or never been born) so why are you necroposting on it?

some fish evolve flat teeth for eating the Frilled Gago Plant.
these new fish are called gago comedenti pronounced coma-dent-e (latin for gago eater) and are 1 foot long.

That thread will be life? Or not?

No, the creator (ooferdoofer) said they won’t be updating it.

As long as people want to play I will update it

Round 1

2, gago comedenti grows bones on the opening of it’s digestive tract, they mostly weigh it down


6, Floater Lizard grows membrane on the back of it’s legs, greatly increases swimming speed

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FlamingSwampert: 1600

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If it have forests, what plants are present there?

yay i revived a thread!
the gago comedenti grows a swim bladder and better fins.

Sorry Ill fix that and make a better map. I am also making more plant life and such so land will have vegetation next round

speaking of this heres a video where they are doing this