Star Wars: Galactic Conquest

Turn 0

Things look bleak for the Rebellion. Anticipating a second siege of Yavin IV, many of the Rebel forces have relocated to the remote ice world of Hoth. Still, it is only a matter of time until the Empire follows the signals of its probe droids to assault this new base of operations.

Meanwhile, the Empire faces challenges of its own. Resentment over the abolition of the Galactic Senate has reached a climax. In a bid to regain their autonomy, multiple planets have banded together to found a “Contingency Republic” centered on Naboo. The Kaminoans have contributed to this effort by raising a new clone army using genetic material provided by the enigmatic bounty hunter Boba Fett.

At the fringes, the ruthless General Grievous, thought long dead, has surfaced again. The vengeful Kaleesh has gathered the leaders of major interstellar corporations angered by the Empire’s policy of nationalization. As a result, a new Trade Federation has been established. The old droid factories on Geonosis have been refurbished, and production has begun again. Having established hegemony over the Wookie homeworld of Kashyyyk, further expansion is sure to follow.

Welcome to the Galactic Conquest forum game! This one follows an experimental format where dice rolls are modified by past decisions by you or other players. There is enough room for four players, one for each of the above-mentioned factions:

  • Rebel Alliance - JamesGames
  • Galactic Empire - PositiveTower
  • Contingency Republic - serialkiller
  • Trade Federation - LordClassyus

The objective is to establish control over all systems in the galaxy. Planets increase your credit revenue earned at the end of every confrontation, as is the case in the original Star Wars: Battlefront II’s Galactic Conquest mode. Credits, in turn, are used to increase your military strength.

Every turn, you may choose to move one of your fleets along an adjacent hyperspace lane. Fleets cost 1,000 credits for every existing fleet you own. Therefore, if you have no fleets, you may build a new one for free. If you move your fleet onto a star occupied by another fleet, space combat commences. Space combat consists of two rolls: the Starfighter roll, determining the performance of small spacecraft, and the Starship roll, pertaining to larger vessels. Both of these rolls are d6, and these rolls combined determine your fleet’s performance in the battle compared to the enemy. If your total roll is higher, you win, and the enemy fleet is destroyed. If yours is lower, the enemy wins, and you lose your own fleet.

If you move a fleet in orbit around an unclaimed (white) system, you automatically claim the system. However, if the system is already claimed by another player, then a land battle commences. Much like in space, land warfare consists of two rolls: one for infantry, the other for vehicles. The same rules apply, except if the attacking force wins, they claim the planet. If the defending force wins, then the attacker’s vulnerable fleet is destroyed by planetary defenses.

Rolls in both battles may be modified by “strength factors” determined by active perks and unlocked units.

Players are eliminated when they control no more fleets or systems.

Unit Types

Unlocking a new unit type provides a permanent strength factor.


  • Start (Free)
    • Basic Soldier: The backbone of your military, these disciplined soldiers make up the bulk of both besieging and occupying personnel in planetary confrontations.
    • Vehicle: From the towering AT-ST to the swift Hailfire Droid, armored cavalry is essential to warfare in the galaxy.
  • Unlocked (1,000 Credits)
    • Sniper: These expert marksmen take out enemy troops quickly and cleanly. They apply -0.5 strength factor to the enemy’s infantry roll.
    • Heavy: Wielding rocket launchers, these soldiers make short work of enemy vehicles, and apply -0.5 strength factor to the enemy’s vehicle roll.
    • Elite: These advanced infantry set themselves apart from the rest. They apply a +0.5 strength factor to your infantry roll. Each faction’s elite units are Wookie Warriors, Dark Troopers, Clone Commandos, and Super Battle Droids, respectively.
    • Engineer: These mechanics provide the logistics needed to maintain vehicles. Unlocking this unit type applies +0.5 strength factor to your own vehicle roll.


  • Start (free)
    • Fighter: The X-Wing is a famous example of these swift starfighters. They make up the majority of a fleet’s squadrons, and are highly versatile.
    • Cruiser: These ships carry hangar bays of starfighters, as well as landing craft for your armies. There are always a few of these imposing vessels for each fleet, the most iconic of which being the Imperial Star Destroyer.
  • Unlocked (1,000 Credits)
    • Interceptor: Only the most seasoned of pilots can hope to operate these extremely fast starfighters effectively. However, their superior speed and firepower compared to regular fighters means these craft, which include the A-Wing and TIE interceptor, apply -0.5 strength factor to the enemy’s starfighter roll.
    • Bomber: These relatively slow starfighters each carry a deadly payload of shield-piercing proton torpedoes, primed to destroy enemy starships’ hardpoints. They apply -0.5 strength factor to the enemy’s starship role.
    • Corvette: The point-defense systems of these highly maneuverable starships provide starfighters with much-needed fire support. They apply +0.5 strength factor to your starfighter roll.
    • Frigate: These escort vessels, in sufficient numbers, boast enough firepower to rival cruisers. Frigates apply +0.5 strength factor to your starship roll.

Perks are (generally) cheaper than units, but the resulting strength factor lasts only one turn. You may own up to three perks at a time, and can activate one per battle.

Standard Perks (400 Credits)

  • Land
    • Autoturrets: A grid of turrets is set up to mow down enemy troops moving on your own forces’ key positions. This perk applies -0.5 strength factor to the enemy’s infantry roll.
    • Land Mines: Armor-shredding explosives are buried where enemy vehicles are expected to move. This perk applies -0.5 strength factor to the enemy’s vehicle roll.
    • Bacta Tanks: Your troops are injected with bacta serum, allowing them to recover from injuries at a remarkable pace even in the heat of battle. This perk applies +0.5 strength factor to your infantry roll.
    • Combat Shielding: Your vehicles are outfitted with state-of-the-art armor shields, increasing their survivability. This perk applies +0.5 strength factor to your vehicle roll.
  • Space
    • Signal Jammer: Enemy starfighter squadrons’ communications are disrupted, preventing them from coordinating effectively. This perk applies -0.5 strength factor to the enemy’s starfighter roll.
    • Boarding Squads: Highly-trained marines are sent on transports to infiltrate and disrupt enemy ships. This perk applies -0.5 strength factor to the enemy’s starship roll.
    • Astromech Droids: Your starfighters are assigned with R2 units, capable of repairing major systems in the midst of combat. This perk applies +0.5 strength factor to your starfighter roll.
    • Enhanced Shields: Your starships’ shield generators are pushed to their limit, making your fleet more capable of withstanding enemy firepower. This perk applies +0.5 strength to your starfighter roll.

Advanced Perks (800 Credits)

  • Hero: A renowned individual with immense combat prowess is sent in to lead your regular forces. A unique strength factor of +0.5 is applied to your total land battle roll. Heroes for each faction are Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Boba Fett, and General Grievous, respectively.
  • Flagship: A distinguished starship serves to direct a fleet. A unique strength factor of +0.5 is applied to your total space battle roll. Flagships for each faction are the Home One, the Executor, the Guarlara, and the Malevolence, respectively.

All four seats are now free for the taking. First come, first serve. Forum members who still want to play despite all seats being taken are encouraged to start another game for forum activity’s sake (all you need is MS Paint and an image hosting site).

To start, choose one of your systems to construct a new fleet in, then send it to an adjacent system. Everyone starts with 1,000 Credits, which may be spent any time.

As a side note, the forum member who wants to play as the Contingency Republic may choose to have a Jar Jar Binks clone army, instead.


I’ll join give me a second to choose
Play as the empire and choose mussdor (not much of a star wars fan)

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You can click on the image to zoom in, if the text gets hard to read.

Looks like the hyperspace routes around Mustafar go downwards left (approaching Kamino, in Republic territory), upwards left, and straight up (approaching unclaimed Endor). Any preference?

Yeah i know i clicked on it,i just say that idk a lot of these stuff
Do i have darth vader?

Yep, you can use him in a land battle using the one-use Hero perk (costs 800 Credits), which multiplies the sum of your infantry and vehicle rolls (individual strength factors included) by 1.5.

So if you roll a 3 on infantry and 3 on vehicles (total of 6), and your enemy rolls 4 on infantry and 4 on vehicles (total of 8), but you had the Hero perk activated, 6 x 1.5 = 9, instead, so you end up winning.

Anyway, did you plan on heading to Endor?

Yeah heading to endor also hopefully darth vader wouldn’t kill half my troops

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Coolio! Love the idea, can I be the rebel scum please?

I’ll give this a bash, I bloody loved that mode back in the days.

I would like to play with the Trade Federation and I’ll build my starting fleet above Geonosis.

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A Star Wars game ? Hell yes !

Since all the others are already taken, I’ll choose the republic

I’ll also start on Kamino so that I can have my Jar Jar clone army

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Does that make Jar Jar your hero unit?

Anyway, now everyone who hasn’t sent their fleet down an adjacent hyperspace lane (or built it) needs to do so. Building fleets is a “free action,” and only moving one fleet takes up a turn.

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What is the diffrence between the enpire and conterency republic?

Nothing, just their color on the map and the two initial planets.

No like in the movies dont they have thr same leaders?

Well, the prequel trilogy’s Confederacy (which the Trade Federation was a part of) and Republic were both controlled by Palpatine (AKA Darth Sidious), but you still had other characters like Count Dooku and Master Yoda making major decisions on their side. The thing is, those factions no longer existed in the original trilogy, and this game’s just “alternate history” for Episode 5.

I’d say more, but we’re going WAY too off topic here, and the other players haven’t finished saying what they’ll do this round (I’d rather not have this thread get cluttered). “Wookiepedia” has a lot of good info on anything else you might be curious about.

O dear, I forgot to point my fleet at a system.

Movement: Use the fleet above Geonosis to head towards the system on the left.

I’d like to move my fleet to naboo

Oh, damn, I missed this new forum game. Guess my (almost) monopoly on forum game positions has been destroyed…

damnit, should’ve never left European timezones

True , I feel very lonely now

@JamesGames you there?

If he left, are there any takers?


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