Stealth... ambush and detection system

I don’t know if this was talked about yet, I couldn’t find any topic like this. I was thinking about stealth, how a large number of predators on earth use stealth to get on their target before it can react and wonder how that could be incorporated into the game. Maybe depending on what kind ear you have you could detect a sneaking enemy hearing very audible footsteps and a marker indicates what direction it came from. There could camouflage, skin, fur, scales, and whatever else’s color would matter in detection, maybe there would be a perk where you can make your skin match the environment making you invisible. You and the AI can both use this, but there could be some super sensitive eye you could get that would let you detect that and a maker would point out where they were. Those were just some of my thoughts, I would like to know what other people think for a stealth system. Actually stealth systems wouldn’t need to be only aware stage, it could go into all the stages on from there.

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One crazy idea I had is for an agent which summons other members of your species. So if you want to be in a flock then you put some of this out and other members of your species swim over.

However it might be possible to learn what other species version of this was. So if some tasty plant cell was using it then you could detect it as a predator and use it to hunt them down.

And even further maybe you could learn to make their summoning agent, so if you spread it out members of their species will flock to you to be eaten. As you trick them into thinking you are one of them.

Don’t know if that’s all too crazy :slight_smile:


Shouldn’t this be in the “Agents” thread? Because the ‘Lure signal’ was already an idea in the wiki, so I feel like it wouldn’t be too far off. There was also an idea that the “AI can evolve a different response”, however I feel like just responding with ‘don’t go to lure signals’ would be a bit too strong, making the entire agent useless. Perhaps you could have a ‘mimic compound’ which would attract cells (but only if they are capable of detecting compounds for longer ranges of course), and then you could have an arms race of evolving it to be more attractive, versus the prey cells evolving to distinguish it from actual compounds.

There would even be a chance of accidentally attracting an apex predator which managed to evolve the ‘more compounds -> more cells -> more prey’ idea

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This was going to talk about sight and hearing based hunting and detection. Finding your prey means nothing if you can’t catch it, or if it’s bigger and it detects you it might charge you or at least keep its defenses facing you. At that point only a large predator might stand of chance of still taking down prey (or packs).

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One big thing about any prevalent behaviour found in the animal kingdom today is that such behaviour originated from an existing strategy and developed as organisms found success through the utilisation of that strategy or habit. For example, the use of ambush techniques could not have simply arisen as a byproduct of advanced auditory or visionary perception; it likely emerged through an exploitation of the relatively simple perceptions of organisms which had just recently developed sight, such as through a clever use of light and dark, or by lulling an animal into a false sense of security through the release of agents and pheromones.

One of the most important concepts of evolution to understand is that evolution cannot predict and cannot plan, which is something that I think Thrive should account for. If you rewind the evolution of an organism to track the development of a trait, you will not find a half developed version of that trait; instead, you will find a less developed and yet useful precursor to that trait. For that reason, I believe that in any topic that has to do with a feature found in the later stages of the game, it is important to start with the beginning of the behaviour in the earlier stages of the game. I feel like I should make a topic which discusses this in depth.

Your idea of an increasingly efficient trait which develops over time is a good thought to start with; now let’s think of a way to create a natural & fun system from this “skill tree” that still functions with respect to biology and evolution.

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