Why did you have to create that poll? There is no way in heck we are going to steam in the near future, so if people want to support and actually want to support why not support in the way you can right now?

Because the topic of this thread is a potential steam release I’d assume

Because people would know their money is actually going towards something, rather than just ‘supporting’ the game.

You are a member of the dev team now @QuantumCrab you can see that we are doing alot of work. And if they were to do the patreon thing they get access to all the dev builds, so they can see that its going towards something too.

Well we seem to be going perfectly fine without any money

The only reason im able to put out so many dev builds right now is because i decided to not do a part time job during this semester to work on thrive, the only reason @hhyyrylainen is getting anything done is because he managed to get thrive to count as a school project, so things are getting done DESPITE the lack of money, not “doing just fine without money”. , Of course i’m in no way the only dev, but after this semester that will slow down significantly because ill need to get a job on campus. WHoich would leave @hhyyrylainen as the last main active programmer and even he doesnt commit much anymore, ill try to work on stuff, but i will have way less time, so stuff will get done, just alot slower.

But with support, at least someone can devote themselves entirely to thrive ( which ive been doing In addition to my university) (like ive been doing for 5 bucks a month currently, thanks to those folks btw :slight_smile: )), stuff will still get done, im sure. But alot slower.

Okay but if you look at the very small number of active users rn and the fact that most of them a pretty young, it’s nearly impossible to gather enough money to replace anybody’s job. While just 100 dollars, one time and with a direct result seems far more realistic.

Oh yeah, thats true, im sure stuff will improve after the 0.4.0 release, im just stating the current state of things. ALso it doenst need to replace a real job, just a cheapo on campus job and there have been direct results of this flurry of activity.

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@QuantumCrab I wish you had joined the team earlier, there was a point where we were putting out at least 2 dev
builds every single day, stuff has quieted down a little over the past week or two due to school getting more busy because finals are coming up and holidays happened. Unfortunately most of us are university students on the team.

Fair enough, I was just trying to find out how much we could actually achieve if we asked for a single one time payment.

Thrive doesn’t receive the proper funding because I don’t believe we have that many people actually knowing about it, as a good bunch are coming from Spore, a game that is already completely dead by this point. A good shot I think we have is getting a hold of Youtubers that play more obscure games, not to far from the definition of Markiplier.

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I was always thinking “maybe we need to get markiplier and jacksepticeye to play thrive, that might do it.”

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I did some marketing to youtubers for my game and there is a bit of a bootstrap problem. Big youtubers want to play games that fans want to watch, which is usually big, polished, games.

If we were to try and contact youtubers I think it’s easier with smaller channels for whom contact with the devs is valuable.


Nevermind Cancel Operation: CTRL C

And don’t forget to talk about PewDiePie! Even though he “rarely” plays games now, he’s used to do meme reviews, thus he could do a Thrive meme review.
True enough, but as far as I can remember, some youtubers mentioned above don’t always make an entire walkthrough for a single game. Sometimes, they give one video to the game to talk about it and test it. I think I even recall that they once played alpha games to test them.
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Yeah, and as long as it is entertaining enough for the viewers, it doesnt matter what quality of game it is.

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Usually people like them will come up with something entertaining for viewers, such as screaming when they get killed by toxins, or cry when they run out of compounds.

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Audience: Hehe, funny


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