Thrive and Steam

Remember back on the old forums, I had started a thread with a poll talking about whether or not Thrive, (once it’s complete), should be released on Steam or not?

Well, I thought it’d be fine to start a new, revitalized version of said topic.

Note: If the mods/developers feel that this thread is unnecessary, feel free to close it.

I’m sorry about the lack of activity from yours truly. A lot of personal stuff came up that needed to be resolved.

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Edit: Here is the link to the original thread on the old forums.

Once it makes sense and is possible to do thrive will be on steam. But before that a few things need to happen: we need money for steam direct fees and we need to setup revolutionary games as an actual legal entity to not have to release thrive under the name of one of the developers. And of course we should wait some time before the game starts to be fun and playable for a few hours before going for a steam release.

I recently released a game on Steam, it’s really easy to put stuff on there now. I’m not sure how much it would help us, there are so many games on there now that you don’t get much traffic from the site. Only people who are looking for your game will find it and it’s just as easy to find our website.

Really? How much does it cost to put something on steam?
Also I would buy your game except im broke lol

It costs a $100 fee and that is the only requirement (other than some scary forms). So it’s quite straightforward.

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I know I could have created another thread, but I felt the need of necroposting! :smiling_imp:

So, I wanted to talk about Steam Workshop and Thrive. When Thrive comes to Steam, will it have Steam Workshop as a feature? It would make mods easier to download (we wouldn’t have to look over the internet and risk to download a weird program) and both Steam’s and Thrive’s communities would cooperate at making mods for this game, making it more popular.

Access to the workshop would require a steam page, which will cost the aforementioned hundred dollars. Just trying to get put on would seem easier

I mean, when the project gets its 100$ and that the project would be put on Steam, would it have Steam Workshop as a feature? That’s what I’m asking.

By the way, do you have a Steam account @Omicron ? I didn’t see you on Thrive’s Steam Group.

If they get a steam page, someone adding a steam workshop would probably be a thing.
I do have a Steam account, but didn’t even know Thrive had a steam group. That probably says a lot about its popularity.

You can find the link on Thrive webpage.

Workshop needs explicit coding in Thrive to support it. Meaning that unless we want to force everyone wanting to install mods to use steam. We’d have to write the mod system twice, which I’m not going to do (unless we made the steam version cost money as a forced “donation” to support the development).

Unreal World, which I think is set in Finland :), and Dwarf Fortress both have this system; you can get the game for free on their website and you can get it on steam by paying.

Aseprite is a bit the same, that’s free if you compile it yourself but it costs money for the steam version. I also think it’s a pretty cool program.

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Oh well, many steam games don’t have the mods on steam workshop, but on nexusmods (like The Witcher series). As long as it is easy to install mods, I’m ok with that (I think a modder on Thrive community created a mod installer for Thrive). When the game is “complete” (when at least the bacteria/microbe stage are completed), I’ll donate money for putting the game on Steam (by the time it will be considered “complete”, I’ll probably have enough money for donating, unless most of the programming staff become entirely active and that more programmers join the project). I consider donating 100$ directly.
But if more programmers become more active and that they are willing to help for Steam Workshop, maybe it’d be cool to have a Steam Workshop. But for now, nexusmods would be enough.
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Commented on github as a summary for the current Steam plans: Replaced the noise library by hhyyrylainen · Pull Request #2290 · Revolutionary-Games/Thrive · GitHub