I was thinking, if the multicellular stage goes on from the first split to the first agriculture, then the stage will most likely have to be segmented between three parts, or sub-stages, the first would be the microscopic stage, you designate the different types of cells and what they do and where they go. The second sub-stage would be the aquatic macroscopic stage, you would in this sub-stage have a full 3d range of motion, here you would make organs and limbs with specialized types of cells an put the organs and limbs on the creature to help it survive in the water. The third sub-stage would be macroscopic land creatures, this would require you to have an organ that can transfer gasses into usable energy. You would also need to have a way to move around on the surface, for this is very difficult for a creature from the sea. The transitions for these sub-stages would not be a simple cut-scene away like in spore, it would require you to know what your doing, and to design something that can do what you want it to, organs and all. Leave your thoughts bellow.

Multicellular ends when you grow a “brain” or other type of nervous system, central or otherwise, capable of complex behavior.

Any animal with a brain would be in the aware stage. A starfish is in late multicell, so is a plant. A dog is in aware.

“Aware” stage has nothing to do with sapience, that’s “awakening”.

Awakening is when you start getting language and advanced tool use. Society stage is where you get agriculture.

Industrial, space, and ascension are mostly self explanatory


The reason I said that is because of this post here:
That means that the multicellular stage lasts until the first tribes are formed, therefore, my idea is still plausible.

It doesn’t. Either Nick wasn’t clear enough in that context, or you misinterpreted what was said.

Multicellular ends in aware as @PeasantKyr said.

You can find all the stages described on the wiki.

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Oh, ok. I thought he said the multicellular stage ended when your species started forming tribes.

It seems to me that there should also be such a sub-stage as a COLONY, which is obtained only if several conditions are met:

  • Pronounced sexual dimorphism
    -Collective existence of individuals of your species
    -clear hierarchy
    -Morphological differences of different castes

and some other properties of colonial insects like ants or bees. This stage is different in that you set up not one organism, but entire types of individuals in the colony, and also manage them, like members of a tribe in Spore

I am not sure, but from what I understood, complex social structure and is a part of aware stage, because you should have some sort of communication and you brain should have enough complexity, etc. but I think that it is possible to have social structures in multicellular stage (like boids of fish) without hierarchy or not complex hierarchy

pretty sure fish are aware stage animals

with the current multi-cellular editor, I personally believe it should start as a continuation of the colony editor but with access to a 3D environment. It would also be the substage where the player starts to determine where limbs, brain, tail, etc will be on the species in the future. This could eventually transition into a tissue/organ editor after a certain size is reached. Another important thing to note is that somewhere between colony and “fish” editor we will likely have out first lock-out features based on number of preset limb locations, head location, etc. From evolution of earth we know all large terrestrial animals are locked into having four limbs which can be manipulated for a number of things, but the formation of a new set of limbs is impossible as well as the head and anus being in their respective locations due to the common terrestrial ancestor having the body plan we see in all terrestrial animals today. To be fair I’m sure a number of players are like me and randomly place their colonies, or place the cells in odd locations with no thought to future impacts ,since there are none currently, and the early multicellular stage could be a good place to start forcing the player to think about how the things they do now will affect their species in the future.

Fun fact, I have always (Ever since we added it) considered prokaryotic and eukaryotic microbe stage to be sub stages of microbe stage.

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That makes sense, but I could see the colonial (early 2D multicellular) as a third substage. After all there are colonial cells that exist on earth like the green algae volvox which would count as a eukaryotic colonial creature within Thrive.

That is actually even said on our official wiki:

the multicellular stage is divided between two phases; early multicellular and late multicellular.


Okay, good to know. I haven’t gotten around to looking at everything on the forums or the wiki, but I have been enjoying the game. I even challenged myself with a no-evolution run (except for changes to the ai cell behavior) and actually survived, lol.

My substages.
Microbe substages shall be split into:
the origin stage
the diversification stage
the eukaryote stage

Multicellular substages:
Colonial cell age
Unorganized nervous age
organized nervous age

Aware stage substages:
Pre-aquatic stage
aquatic stage
swamp stage
land stage
Dawning stage

Awakening substages:
Tribal stage
Advanced tribal stage(like tribal stage but with bow and arrow and more complex inventions)
Sendentary stage

Society substages:
Neolithic stage
Metal stage
Medieval stage

industrial stage sub stages
factory stage
space exploration stage
emergent stage

Space stage substages
interplanetary stage
interstellar stage
intergalactic stage
universal stage
multiuniversal stage

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No. Insects have a very simple brain, they cannot even develop conditioned reflexes, but at the same time, a colony, for example, of ants, or bees, in general, can be considered quite smart

Insects are in aware stage, it doesn’t matter how simple the brain is

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Then why is it called “aware stage”, shouldn’t it be called something like"Brain stage"

why would suddenly
insects are not even able to simply learn, here it is too far to consciousness, and even more so awareness
Just because an organism has a brain does not mean that it is at the stage of awareness

aware, as in a creature thats aware of its environment
so sentient creatures with brains

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The definition of the beginning of aware stage is, and has been for years, the development of a brain or equivalently complex nerve system.