Survival in the Forum

Mutation 1: Brightly colored Quills that act as defense, looking pretty to users but primarily used for defense, to the point where they can even deflect User cursors if they aren’t hit in the right way.

Mutation 2: The behavior to consume locked threads, links that take up an excessive amount of storage space (ie. images uploaded directly to forums), censored words, repeat bug reports, and any double posts a user other than the OP or a moderator/developer makes.

Mutation 3: Increased Intelligence, helps with #2 as well as the normal benefits of increased intelligence


M1: exoskeleton gets stronger, grows earlier, and has plates to allow growth

M2: move gamete producing cells to leaf tips to increase genetic recombination through self fertilization[1]

  1. due to not having mutations to allow gametes to travel through the air this should only increase my mutation rate by .5 as it’s basically just adding self fertilization assuming everyone started with their species being hermaphroditic ↩︎


Doom, Tea, where are mutations?

I don’t know where the mutations are.

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again i forgor :skull:

M1: start creating and living in tunnels inside the forum soil, using them as a place to lay eggs in, to hide from forum users, and as an ambush place to hunt unsuspecting creatures (something to do with creatures that eat soil :smiling_imp: )
M2: develop a simple olfactory organ to gain a basic sense of smell

Me: make a borrow and eat your eggs.

please read the first post in this thread

Limagrisus Emota: “The Emoji Snail” - HO

  • Tiny Herbivore
    Speed: 0.2
    Stealth: 1
    Strenght: 1.2
    Preys on: Emoji (vegetation)
    Digestive Tract
  • Muscular Tissue (+1 Speed)
  • Filter Mouth (+1 Strenght)
  • Diffuse Nervous System
  • Basic Sensory Cells (+1 Stealth)
  • Sexual Reproduction (Increases mutations per month to 2)
  • Hard Shell (-0.8 speed) (+0.2 strenght) (Option to hide in the shell) (1 armour)

1 Limagriseus is long gone now, you cannot branch off of it.
2 Statistics of this creature are invalid
3 You cannot have a nervous system with this creature

Please read the rules first, the ones that were here since the beginning and ones that have been added later on. You can have a look on how other players joined the game

I m going to brnch off Teaking’s creture
M1: Bigger nervous sistem
M2: Size increase.

You cannot have either of those mutations, as Multipoda only has tier 1 respiratory system and tier 1 circulatory system (tier 2’s would be needed for your mutations)
Also you need to make a scientific name and a nickname for your species.

Ok so the name is gonna be Multipoda Yuyimus
And the mutations gonna change:
M1: Carnivory.
M2: Better Camouflage. (Because it’s a ambusher)

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And what will be it’s nickname?

It’s hard because the Centipede and Hunter is both very popular but the name Centipede will be official.

yes i forg becuse of pc fail

  1. chemoreceptor
  2. improve brain stuff
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Ok I hope your pc is ok.

You don’t have Repiratory/Circulatory system tiers needed for that…

His pc failed bruh :skull:

I am aware of that. It’s suprising (and great) that doom still has time for this forum even tho he is a university student, and has this kind of issues.

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Okay good. I hope Doom is doing well.