Tea Talk

This thread originally was “What type and / or brand of tea do you prefer?”, but I decided to rebrand it into a more broad discussion about tea, tea recommendations, ect.

Original "explanation"

Ye, I know I could just ask that in the misc thread, but stuff like this topic would quickly get buried under other random stuff there and I want this ‘discussion’ to last a bit longer.

I personally prefer Lipton: Earl Grey, but Ahmad Tea: Earl Grey is good too.

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I also like earl grey, but I once had a sampling box and in it was an amazing vanilla macaron flavor.

I love herbal teas as an American, but for an American I know a lot about tea from the tea plant, and I probably prefer pu-erh (leaf) or white tea (look up the varieties the one I like is called peony) outa those. It’s just cool. I love the taste of oolong too but I’m too lazy to get into it or even find a white tea supplier lol. Also I’m a coffee person, I just like having opinions about everything.

I only drink water and milk-based beverages.
I don’t drink tea or anything with caffeine in it really.
I’m weird.

Centarian is a cat confirmed


Why would you not be a caffeine addict lol there’s no downside and I’m only hyper at like, 3 in the morning shakes in caffeine addict


No, the real downside is when you don’t have it and you feel like you’ve been up 20 hours after 4; speaking of which, I should go get the coffee going.

I just don’t like the way it tastes.

It is not about the taste. Tea works like a time keeper. It is hot so you are forced to drink it slowly (unless it is ice tea). So you have a chat with the person in front of you until you finish it. If you like the chat, then you order another tea. (thats my theory)

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I was talking about coffee.
But yea, I really don’t like tea either.

tbh i like lipton ice tea. the peach one is my favorite


Sounds like a skill issue.

I don’t like coffee (too bitter) so I used to drink tea (not much anymore tbh). Some of the fruitier ones are weird, I used to consistently drink Lipton though (the teas was bland enough it was basically scalding sugar water tho lol)

Anyone who thinks coffee is too bitter is weak in my book.

In my defense the only coffee I’ve ever had was black coffee

Hello. My name is Luzurper, I’m southern, and I drink sweet tea, the correct way to drink tea. And yes, you put the sugar first.
That is all. Thanks for coming to my TED talk

That’s ok!

i drink coffee for the caffeine unless it has more flavor than regular coffee, my favorite teas are earl grey, overbrewed chai, and English breakfast.
coffee related story: the first time i remember making a caffeinated drink(i was seven) i thought it was tea(it was coffee), i put the correct amount of milk in, and then i ruined it with a cup of sugar thinking “sugar tastes good so what could go wrong” and then found out very quickly

That’s a lot of sugar…