Tea Talk

yeah i normally only add 1-2 tablespoons now

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I love matcha tea. It’s really good on it’s own (like tea usually is) or in a latte.

Classic Lemongrass and Pelargonium tea are the best for me. No suger needed
And better if they home grow

I’ve had lemongrass, it’s really good!

i love strawberry tea, its been a while since i have had it. maybe its kinda too sweet for some, but for me its fine (i’d still reccomend not putting a lot of sugar)

I don’t put any sugar in my tea, usually adding milk is enough

Teas can be regularly drinked by cold blooded civilisations to stay warm.

Or you know… They could simply make warm water.

ew. warm water.

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Tea is just warm water

no. tea is hot leaf water. there is a monumental difference between warm water and hot leaf water


I don’t drink tea or coffee.

how do you stay awake?

Cold Showers.

but you’re not supposed to shower every day.

Excuse me?
You don’t shower every day?

No, it’s damaging for your skin and hair to shower everyday.

i take an extremely hot shower every other day to heat my skin just enough that the spots that like to randomly feel like something stung me stop doing that while not doing twice as much damage as i do to my skin already

I shower for hours with hot water every few days

I don’t know about you but I take showers to like, clean myself. You know, just shove all the hygiene that requires water into one hour. Wash face, brush teeth, shower. All at once. Done. All in 30 minutes to an hour.