Tell your weirdest/embarrassing stories

In general, I said everything by name. Tell us your weirdest/embarrassing stories. At least I’ll be interested in reading.

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I fell of a cliff, and then I woke up, and then I woke up, and then I fell off a cliff, and then I woke up.

I have 2 strange story:
I remember I was between 6 when I was walking in a lake zoo and out of nowhere a young donkey bit me on the butt.
Another story is related to a zoo in another place, at the same age there were in the area a flock of turkeys walking around the area and suddenly they all attacked me. I managed to escape but they tried to follow me and chase me when I was alone. This continued until I left the place. It turns out that it was because of the water that was on me in the embroidery of red and black, which annoyed them.

Animals seem to have hated me when I was little


I have two.
I was once with my sister upstairs in my house when suddenly, a light similar to a comet, but reddish, passes through yours. I don’t know what it was until today, but I suspect it was a balloon falling

This one was today, I was at school, hoping the universe would crash and take me to a simpler dimension. And suddenly, I saw a cat at the water fountain. I was like “Wait a minute universe, i dont asked this”
Then I stared at the cat for a few seconds and kept walking.

This moment gave me motivation for the rest of the day.

So it’s important to say I don’t believe in visions or anything like that and believe what I’m about to say was purely an insane coincidence. But with that aside let’s get to the story. I think you’ll know basically where it’s going from the start.

I have a lot of dreams that involve the end of the world. Sometimes there are reoccurring elements to them, and after these elements happen an extremely powerful nuke goes off, or bombs start dropping from the sky, or a planet crashes into ours, etc. The world ends in any way possible.

One element that kept happening in my dreams was that I’d see a person paragliding in a very specific spot near my house. Now for reference, I live in the countryside of Texas. There’s nothing here, just flat grounds with cows or houses. Nothing to jump off of, nothing to see, and far from any tourist spots.

The spot near my house the paraglider would glide in was a cow field owned by one of my neighbors, far off into the distance of it.

After I see this glider, a nuke would always go off miles away, and I’d see it happen from across that cow field. Then, I’d die.

Anyways… Let’s cut to real life. Put simply, nothing bad happened at all, but I DID for some reason one day see someone PARAGLIDING above that field, in the distance. In the middle of butt-frick nowhere Texas, over a very specific cow field, near my house, while I was outside and looking in that direction, someone was PARAGLIDING. I even recorded it, so I’m not crazy. It’s still there on that recording. And I mentioned the fact I have dreams like that in the past before I saw this paraglider, so it wasn’t just a false memory I made up when I saw it happen.

This remains the weirdest thing to ever happen to me. I’d be confused and baffled by the sight of someone paragliding there even without the dream, because seriously, why was someone paragliding there?! But knowing about that dream on top of it all, it’s actually surreal. Literally the ONLY thing different from the dreams was that there was no nuke. The amount of coincidences that had to line up for this to happen make me kind of understand why some people are superstitious. Life is crazy. I’m just glad I’m not superstitious, or else I probably would’ve had a panic attack when I saw that person.


It was probably a paraMOTOR, that seems like the only way that could happen.

There was this new game called minecraft. I was watching youtube videos of it. There was one youtuber who made a series called “crafting ideas” or something like that. He was making stuff like refrigirators which turns cooked fish into raw fish (opposite of a furnace). I asked my father to download minecraft for me. One day after I came from school, there he was, punching wolves in the snow biome, in the magical game where you can edit the terrain. He gave the computer to me. I knew all about the game, there was the survival mode, creative mode, nether, the ender dragon, but the first thing I wanted to do was to try the crafting ideas. They didn’t work. “It says ideas, so maybe they are not in the game?” I objected to that thought. “If they are not in the game, then how could the youtuber show us their screenshots of being crafted?” So I stood up, went to my father and shouted at him for not downloading the right version. Next day the new episode of crafting ideas was uploaded. At the end of the video, the youtuber showed angry comments and said “Don’t be mad at me for these not working. They are just ideas”. It wasn’t an unexpected reveal, but something I wished wouldn’t be true. I still haven’t talked to my father about this. I hope he forgot.


Compared to others here, it doesn’t seem embarrassing but to me? Oh god it was the worst time ever.

So I am aromantic and asexual, if you don’t know what this means basically I don’t want a sexual relationship and (in my case) I would only date someone I trust but not because I feel romantic attraction to them. Instead of getting crushes, I get squishes. Easiest way to explain is “wow this person is cool, I want to be better friends with them and hang out with them a lot.” This one person, Sam, I have a squish on and at the time I was still figuring out if I want to be in a QPR (Friendship +) and I was waiting for a GP appointment at the time so I message one of our mutual friends and ask if I should tell Sam that I have a squish on them. This friend does not check their phone often. They reply immediately “it’s nothing bad, sure.” so I panic as I did not expect this and had a caffeine crash from coffee so this was the main messages sent (more afterwards but they’re just questions about it and don’t matter)

I don’t know what to type
Why did I type that?
And that
Coffee crash give me a minute
I totally have a subtle squish on you
Don’t know how much you know about those or if you knew (not part of text, but if they knew I had a squish on them) but now you do

And after that mess, the response was…

Dunno what to say so um snazzy

Why is this embarrassing? I don’t know, but to my mind it was very embarrassing. It was worse the next day as the friend I asked if I should tell Sam said I already told Sam before. I forgot I did, but I think Sam did too.
We’re all still friends, so it’s a bit of a boring story but a story non the less.

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