Texture Pack i made

retextured membranes and added colors to Nucleus and Golgi Aparatus


Mod guide (includes adding mods):

Is that just a .pck file in your mod? You should really make a .zip file of your mod with the required folder name, JSON data file etc. Otherwise this’ll be a pain to install.

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sorry, i am new at making mods. I just add new mod in the mod menu where i enter name and .pck file path

You can’t expect mod users to know how to make mods. The wiki page actually talks about how to distribute your mod, and the easiest way for other people is for you to zip the entire mod’s folder including the JSON data file. That way they can unzip the folder to their mods folder to get your mod.

There’s plans to automate these steps:

However as with a ton of missing features / issues, I can’t promise when those get done.

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just to be clear, this is JSON file you are talking about?

Yes. That’s required for the mod to work. Also the mods need to be in a folder that matches the internal name specified in the JSON. All of this means that mods should be shared as .zip files that contain the folder and all required content in it. See for example the sample mods download:


Ok i think i’m done:
I’ll also update link in 1st post.

Sorry if this is considered a rude ask (I do not check mod posts often so I’m unsure of the mod etiquette) but could you post some pictures of the retextures? I would like to see how it looks, maybe even install it if the textures are cool!


calcium carbo




silica didn’t fit

I think @Seranner was more asking for like in-game screenshots that highlight the changes the mod makes. Mods in general usually have at least a couple of screenshots showing it off to entice people to download it.


Where can you get this pack or is it not finished

you must click the link in 1st post.

Blockquote https://cdn.glitch.global/71b0a13c-386c-4ed4-8c0b-01e32214e222/TexturePack1.zip?v=1661107181803

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