The atkinson challenge

okay so here is a brand new challenge for all of you Rowan Atkinson fans out there, in order to enter you have to post a drawing of rowan atkinson (can also be real picture if heavily photoshoped), and extra points if its funny.
who am i kidding, its rowan atkinson! they’re all going to be funny!
at the end of the competition (october 31 my time) i’m going to make a poll with every submission on it and everyone will vote for their favorite entry, and that entry will win an amazing mystery prize!
goodbye and goodluck!

in spirit of the challenge i have changed my pfp.
i made this myself… this is actually the first time i’ve ever photoshopped something and i think i did a pretty good job.


I hope I won’t get banned for this.

Does it have to be original content?

but it also counts if you photoshop him heavily

I mean do we have to make it ourselves

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huh, i was really expecting more people to make entries on this thread…
i guess that means that the winning art piece is… erm… “blackface bean” by @blackjacksike!
congratulations blackjack! you have won the October 2021 Atkinson challenge!
as a reward for winning you now get to have a new pfp (or background image).

i call it mr bean and the happy sunshine skull gang!
tune in next month for a very shagadelic challenge!

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