The Book of Irony (A book I want to write! Title TBD)

Hey there! I feel inspired and motivated enough to write a book, or at least, a couple of chapters. I’m thinking of a fantasy setting that doesn’t take itself too seriously, where I’m thinking the main character or at least the central character is the comic relief. Feel free to give any ideas or suggestions!

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How about someone who want to help others but manage to do just about everything wrong? :slightly_smiling_face:

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Any fights should fit in an absurd amount of dialogue between blows, a la the “incredibly verbose” parody videos.


What about a wizard who has to forget something in exchange for the power to do a spell?


UPDATE: I didn’t get much work done because I was procrastinating very sick and didn’t have the energy to write. HOWEVER, a quick character chart has been produced with a draft of the main crew, and I have finally begun production on the first chapter. Enjoy the little content you get, this might take a while. These are all early drafts, so nothing is set in stone.

Copy paste from my google docs

Protag/comic : Jordan Fecius

Age: 14 (make it relatable)


Likes: Jokes (he’s the joker!), animals, more will be discovered with plot-convenient flashbacks

Dislikes: snakes, wizards, bad jokes, people stealing his catchphrase

Special one-dimensional trait: catchphrase Dinkums!

Description: Jordan is a funny teen with too much energy and a thirst for an audience for his incredible jokes! Short and stubby, he doesn’t have many friends, but the few he does have are very good.

Wizardy guy: Harendall Greyfourth

Age: old man


Likes: cool spells, talking in deep voice, his cat mewthreeius (a secret demon overlord trapped in a furry cage).

Dislikes: children, terrified of lightning, beards, people calling him old despite it being the truth.

Trait: verbosis (senseless backstory filler will explain he traded coherent speech for cool wizardy powers)

Description: Unlike other default wizards, Harendall shaved his big ol’ beard. He also levitates around, but it uses more energy than just walking, but he thinks it’s “Kool BeanZ”. He has weird sith-yellow eyes and a grey-brown skin. He also has a pink and brown bandana on his neck.

Default female: Lizzie Tanks

Age: out of OPs league


Likes: things go boom, cats (but not m3), nature

Dislikes: loud noises other than boom, Jordan’s jokes, Haren’s verbosis

Trait: Demolady, very strong but also sensitive, “like an elephant’s trunk!” -Jordan, before being pummeled to the ground

As the only one with a normal name, that means she must be the most abnormal one. An outcast from her village, she lived in the forest, where she mined uranium 238 by hand and hand-crafted tiny nuclear bombs. Highly crude and ineffective, explosives are still boom toys.

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