The Cavern (Seed world Evolution Game)

ancestor: spirit boats
name: lightning boats
mutations: increased luminosity due to ingesting a microbe that uses sulfur to respire and to prevent damage to its cells performing sulfur respiration as well as oxygen respiration resulting in more energy for illuminating the caves from the surface of the water

ancestor: silver shrub
name: silvervine
description: due to the (relatively) bright light of the lightning boats they have increased the amount of chloroplasts per cell and have started living on the cave ceiling

@TwilightWings21 diatoms don’t actually have metal in their cell walls they actually have silica but you could have it so that the diatoms have magnetic particles in their cells, also diatoms are already in the late unicellular stage IRL

I am aware of both facts, however through evolution the diatoms evolved the ability of magnetically attracting one another via incorporation of more metals within their membrane, as said when they evolved magnetic capabilities. (Also, pretty sure silicon is a metal anyway though idk how magnetic it is)

dark atmosphere of the caves was rather interesting. However, removing it is allowed of course.


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For some reason I thought it was over by Barium lol

ancestor: cave diatom
name: stone sinker
adaptations: a porous log shaped colony of diatoms that use partial Sulphur respiration,the diatoms now have their frustules fuse once they bind together to make biting it like biting a rock
diet: sulphur and glowshroom light
habitat: sulphuric caves

ancestor: glow carpet
name: glow tunnels
adaptations: hydrochloric acid glands on their most developed roots because of encountering chlorine bearing rocks and needing to have a way to get rid of chlorine thus causing this subspecies to create glowing tunnels instead of carpets
diet: stone, light, and sulphur
description: a subspecies of glow carpet that has the ability to produce and withstand hydrochloric acid thus causing it to seemingly tunnel down as it grows downwards when gravity stretches it and the tissue dies if it is not within 1 inch of a root
habitat(s): caves, connecting caves, or tunneling down from the nearest chlorine bearing rock

ancestor: pupgrass
name: shadegrass
adaptations: black thylakoids to allow this grass to photosynthesize in the caves with the light of the shrooms, thylakoids are packed closer to the RuBisCO to increase chloroplast efficiency allowing for more glucose production bundles in one chloroplast, the RuBisCO enzyme in this plant is also modified to double it’s speed thus requiring less of it for each amount of thylakoids
description: a sweet, pitch black grass that lives in the caves due to a few pupgrass seeds falling into the caves near a glowtower
habitat: anywhere in the caves with enough light and good enough soil

evolution template i made earlier

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Above list has been updated, I may make a few more of these guys myself soon to hopefully kickstart some activity

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ancestor: kinetower
name: eusocial stars
adaptations: more complex brain, better radio transmitters and receivers, bigger mouth, slightly ossified oral papillae, hardened spines.
diet: any organism of sufficient size
description: a species of brittle star that has pack tactics but better and uses their spines to rend their food asunder so it can fit in their mouths
habitat(s): caves

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