The D&D thread

Hi. This is a thread where we will be playing D&D. I’ll be the DM for the first game, so everyone make character sheets, and I’ll approve them. We’re only using official D&D races, so no making up races. So, @ me when you get your character sheets done. We’re starting at level 5.


How? (No, I will not use google)


just googling character sheets for the game is gonna send me down a rabbit hole of DnD and i dont have time for that


Just send an image or doc/pdf of the character sheet.

If you want I can look up a blank character sheet you can use.

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im only joking
but im still very unfamiliar with DnD

Now this is just a suggestion but can’t you just use the dnd beyond and get the sheet there?

I don’t think so, I’m on mobile and I’m not sure it will work all that well, but I do want to see how much of this I can keep on the forums.

My man, I have no idea what “official dnd rules” are.

Edit: @Centarian ah no, I missread it


i’ll join, i’ll make a character soon.
also what are the limitations of which race we can choose? there are a lot of different expansions after all.
and which system are we using?

As long as they are an official D&D race.

Zenzone making a goblin character that is either a ruthless warrior that skins his enemies alive or a silly clown:


Or he’s a half orc barbarian min-maxer that can destroy his enemies by looking at them.

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i see very well
there no base right now, but we all agree he will be green, if

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I still have no idea how to make a character tho

Here’s a link to a free online D&D step by step character creator that I looked up just now.

That is an absurdly long URL

You two know me very well.
@centarian are there any specifications that i should apply to my character for your game?
mainly the mechanics like levelling up and other stuff.

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We’re starting at level 5. Just level up your character until you reach that level.

Don’t forget to give yourself appropriate equipment for your level as well,

are we using xp or milestones?
also is it possible to play anything that isn’t in the selection?

Milestones, it’s easier to appropriately level enemies this way.

What do you mean by this?