The Dance Of The Gods (Forum game)

Hmmm i have a unique idea for a race:
Would it be fine if instead of producing just a standard pop, my civ is a hivemind controlled by one central being which can produce different types of pawns/pop with different stats?

What about this?

Gravelord undead (each time they die their bodies turns to ashes and return back to life in a place of their choosing that they have been in the past (no population death) but they can only increase their pop from the corpses of other living beings; each time 30% of population “dies” -2 happiness(does not include hollows))

It is my destiny to copy whatever fralegend is doing

Sure, but you’d have to specify the types of workers you’d output, their stats, and the queens stats specifically, then each round you’ll say what you produce more of.

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So you are going to be a discount version of my race?

Your undead idea gave me inspiration

Still feels a bit iffy to not have a way to kill your pop, what if the place they showed up in was random, and had to be within a certain distance of where they were when they died, I don’t know.

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Fair enough.
Welp time to produce a detailed thingamajic about my race and (kinda) sub-races.

I mean, the change would make it possible to turn portions of my populatio hollows, which are the closest to “dead pop”, since it makes my happiness decrease if my pop dies too much

Hey, new idea, what if they could only re-spawn a certain number of times? That way someone could still kill your civ, but it would take a lot of effort, and they couldn’t just wipe you out with a nuke.

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Wouldn’t that mean you would have to keep track of how many times each member died?

Pretty much, I’ll just separate them into first life, second life, and so on.

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Race name: Runic Ghoulem


Strength: 10
Constitution: 10
Dexterity: 5
Intelligence: 12
Charisma: 5
Wisdom: 18


Phantom - can phase through solid objects of any kind
Upgrading - Any tools, creatures, objects, etc can be absorbed to upgrade themselves

Everlasting - need materials for pop growth, and an area with souls (see life span section)

Size: Large : 12 feet/ 4m

Lifespan(s): Undead - Immortal, but physical bodies can be destroyed until they regain enough power to reform them (at the cost of no pop growth? pop growth could instead be these souls reforming their bodies. An area with higher death could increase this and give actually new pop)

Description: Large, menacing golems covered in purple runes. They are highly adept in runic magic and feared across the land for their ruthlessness and power.

Alignment tendency (for auto civs):Neutral any

Civilization Name: Dragonsouls

Civilization Alignment: Neutral Neutral (but probably will lean towards evil)

Description: Believing themselves to be made from the spirit of ancient world dragons, they view themselves far superior to most surrounding races by nature (though other races could elevate themselves through their actions). They are willing to cooperate with others but if theothers don’t heed them, they will be conquered.

I am obligated to join every civ game

my pop growth mechanic that I have proposed seems to be similar to frales (with no true death but powerlessness until reformation), though I was planning to use it before discussion began of it here

Just so you know, having 0 charisma gives you a -10 on charisma checks, which includes internal government affairs.

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oh wait I can only have a minimum of 5 lol

gimme a sec I’ll edit

Isn’t his lifespan section just an advantage in on itself?

do I have to use an advantage for that? I tried to actually debuff it with my disadvantage - needing resources and souls to actually have any pop growth, but a static undying population (useable members also needing resources to reform)

if this immortality has to be an advantage I can change some stuff up

The lifespan will be important when we switch to a more D&D like game, but for now, longer lifespans mean less pop growth, and immortality means you need to grow your pop using unconventional means.

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Quick question, can I have advantages for individual species?
or just advantages for the entire civ.

A bit of both, for civ it would require government or religion, for species you have to think about it beforehand.

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