The Dance Of The Gods (Forum game)

Alright so, I’ve been setting this up for a while now, and I believe now is a good time to accept civs, I’ll make the lore as you make your civs, and I’ll build the lore around them

New Joining System

Race name:

Attributes: You have 60 points. For each category you can fill between 5 and 30. The points will determine your chances of success in each category. Were going with D&D rules for easy world transfer.

Strength (Used in combat.)
Constitution (Resilience to attacks.)
Dexterity (Yay, used for looking for stuff and in battle.)
Intelligence (Tech advancement, well, mostly.)
Charisma (Persuasiveness.)
Wisdom (How good are you at magic?)

Capabilities: Just a header
[Bonuses cannot exceed +5 points at first]

Advantage 1-
Advantage 2-

Disadvantage: Must have one

(in total, you have a 2:1 ratio of advantages to disadvantages)

Size: What is the size of your Race? Size is very important for the game: it affects the place, growth rate, and combat power. Please submit height in D&D terms, as in tiny, small, medium (humans), and large. I will not accept any larger than large (4 meters tall or twice the size of a human) or smaller that tiny (.5 meters tall or .25 the size of a human)

Lifespan(s): Will effect pop growth and other factors. a humans life span is 80 years.

Description: Briefly describe how they look or behave, you will receive small bonuses for this (one positive and one negative). The race does not have to be similar to human, its appearance is up to you.

Alignment tendency (for auto civs): (Lawful, neutral, or chaotic), (good, neutral, or evil)

Civilization Name:

Civilization Alignment:


In depth description

Put in a summary section like this one, it’s for lore, government, and god(s) your civ warships. Go all out, don’t hold back.

I just felt like it would be easier to transfer it over to a role play game this way.


Sounds cool, I’ll write up a civ after I get round one of my game finished, cause I don’t want to leave my players hanging and it’s not like this’ll disappear. I’m thinking a zenzonelike? Wanna try moving from minmaxed stat-wise builds and trying to teach the GM historical trivia that supports that irl I’d be OP.

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I will be join to, just for fun afcorse.

i will wrigh my Civic after i will finish my math test here

Edit: perper to trable with my civics

I will reserve a spot too and make the civ later since now I am busy.

I’ll join this game(post filler)


Race name: Living Lathes

Attributes: You have 60 points. For each category you can fill between 5 and 30. The points will determine your chances of success in each category. Were going with D&D rules for easy world transfer.

Strength 11
Constitution 9
Dexterity 9
Intelligence 13
Charisma 5
Wisdom 13

[Bonuses cannot exceed +5 points at first]

Undue Population- Population grows as though the Living Lathes had half their size and lifespan
Mystic Sharing- Any Living Lathe may gain the magic or skills of another for no effort. This may only be used once per Lathe so no stacking.
Ironclad Society- Lathes don’t complain, follow the law, and don’t let morale get too low in general. stability is removed. any grievances will literally wait until the next contract is made.
Population Vote- if twice the manpower needed to complete a vote is used instead the vote automatically succeeds.

Idiotic Specialization- As a Lathe gains skills in one field its other stats decline.
Unoriginal- No art, or not immediately practical inventions will be made. people don’t solve their own problems. -4 to anything not forced into happening by the government or super obvious. the complement trait of Ironclad Society

(in total, you have a 2:1 ratio of advantages to disadvantages (this allows a 4:2 ratio right??))

Size: Medium, takes up two hexes/squares due to being hexapodal.

Lifespan(s): 75

Description: six-legged purple-and red dog-like creatures with horrific maws and two great arms tipped with claws and graspers.

Alignment tendency (for auto civs): Lawful any

Civilization Name: Lathe Swarms

Civilization Alignment: LE

Description: An Athenian democracy where anyone who specializes in a mental or magical skill gets a vote (keep in mind everyone else is an idiot) and food and shelter is distributed equally, though the mages and smart folks use their votes to guarantee their own homes are the best. If we know farming that’s cool.

In depth description

Lathes form a far more explicit social contract then humans do, lacking humor, empathy, and many other emotions, they have the self-awareness to sign a literal social contract, all adult Lathes, including non-mentally capable ones, get to submit ideas for a social contract, those ideas are picked out, and all reasonable ideas are memorized by many, and put in artwork form just to help once every two decades, if someone takes issue with the government they can ask someone who memorized the core principles of the contract if it’s being broken, and if it is they can point to the breach in law, either in a formal counsel if they have a seat (most intellectuals and mages do), or among the people to start a riot. due to the Athenian democracy even violent changes of power aren’t much of a disruption, mostly the government is given more areas it cant control or more responsibilities and has to pay artists to paint the new contract, which is tiring but long term goal carry over even with a brand new contract amended by force. Plus stability stays at a moderate level no matter what except in extreme circumstances. due to extreme population growth whenever food is available the government and the people have spent centuries of stone age life learning to live with population explosions, and tend to send huge numbers of young people into food production immediately, adjusting the ratio of “you go to farm” to “do whatever i dont care” very precisely to either prevent starvation or keep the population exploding for longer.

Magic known of but not yet controlled. Ima make a flag in GIMP tomorrow i think, i dont care if they’re stone age or what.

Religion is minor in a such a logical and soulless society, but people tend to worship either the Nqiliq, a force of unity that is the spiritual rallying call of Lathe supremacists, or Jeff, a guy who lived 150 years and taught about peace, transcendence through perfection, unity and the specific cocktail of weed, shrooms, and pure ethanol used to talk to the universe itself. jeff didn’t have anything against lathe supremacism he just didn’t care much due to how high he always way, and Nqiliqists dont have anything against drugs, so the two groups mostly get along, Nqiliqism broadly appealing to laborers, worriers and mages, and Jeffism to thinkers, generals, and mages. the only religious conflict is weather mages should be Jeffists or Nqiliqists, and since the game hasnt started no mages yet exist, and mages would keep it theoretical and to themselves mostly.

How’s this?

Why +5 stability instead of directly disabling stability? I think disabling stability is better since high stability will probably give a bonus to rolls.

hmmm i like that idea

I mean stability is more than just how happy your people are. And how will you factor this when you are multiracial

“when” i can just genocide instead of integrate lol- plus i mean if you counted the morale of, say, the CSA, the white morale was depressingly high, while the non-white morale was depressingly low, or in south africa, where every racial/ethnic/linguistic group’s morale swings around like double pendulum, i suppose you could calculate a stability from all this via averages or something but then we just count lathes as perfectly stable without adding morale bonuses cause there is no morale.

im overthing this. genocide is the answer.

I’m talking about stability being disabled
That would be more like being a mindless drone

Or being capable of perfect cooperation

well yeah, thats what happens in isolation without other species, which is why genocide

Ok here is mine


Race name: Felix


Strength 10
Constitution 5
Dexterity 10
Intelligence 10
Charisma 15
Wisdom 10

Capabilities: Just a header
[Bonuses cannot exceed +5 points at first]

Gravelord undead (each time they die their bodies turns to ashes and return back to life in a place of their choosing that they have been in the past (no population death) but they can only increase their pop from the corpses of other living beings)

Flavia’s blessing of body (+3 strenght, +2 costitution)

Junione’s blessing of mind (+2 Intelligence, +3 Wisdom)

Crestfallen curse (when in low stability/happiness a percentage of the population becomes “hollow”, starting to mindlessly attack non-hollows)

Size: medium

Lifespan(s): immortal

Description: Undead created by gravelord Flavia and gravelord Junione, they look like normal humans except for the glowing red markings on their skin.

Alignment tendency (for auto civs): any neutral

Civilization Name: Zavet

Civilization Alignment: chaotic neutral

Description: unity of Felixes that worship the gravelords Flavia and Junione.

@Deathwake Looks pretty good, but you can only have 2 advantages, that’s all.

@fralegend015 Yours also looks ok, but there are a few things I’m iffy about. First of all you should have two advantages, second of all, I do feel like immortality is a bit OP, so, what if your civ could only be killed by magic, or your bodies had to be completely destroyed if you didn’t want to come back. I just don’t want a civ to be unkillable.

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Sudden realization,
@TwilightWings21, if your doing sub races, just make a few different races with slightly different stats, you’ll start with 1 race at first, but you will be able to find the others around the world.


Centarian: sees me writing

Also Centarian: panics at twelve race civ

Anyway no lol I’m just doing one new race, testing something out I might use for dooms game after PH2

Ok immortality is op but what if my species only live for a year?
Or even better, 2 days

or even better, what if i was in this game?
wait no that’d be a downside for some peopl-

Nigel awoke an immortal god, but no one worshiped him, because there was no one who could.

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